Google's June 2019 Update Makes White Hat SEO Even More Important

Whitehat SEO Ltd Is Poised to Help Small Business Owners Gain a Better Ranking.

8/14/19 - With Google's new core update from June, many sites saw problems right away. Unfortunately, there is no particular "fix" for these issues since Google is simply demanding higher quality than ever before. Those small business owners who have been impacted will find white hat SEO strategies are more important than ever. While Google's core updates are not specific in nature, the changes behind the scenes mean many sites will be downgraded in rank.

White hat SEO practices are crucial for small business owners who want to adhere to Google's algorithms while rising as high as possible in search engine result pages. White hat SEO is often referred to as ethical SEO because it does not use underhanded methods of improving rank. Instead, this type of SEO focuses more on customer experience which naturally drives rank higher.

Small business owners need to be aware that each time Google makes changes, it can have an impact on ranking. Each time an update is rolled out, sites using black hat SEO methods can find their rank tanking or even worse, being blacklisted. Many small business owners are making the wise decision to seek a marketing agency to help them with their SEO strategies.

For small business owners to be able to compete, it is important they are visible. Greater visibility can only be achieved with a higher rank. Studies have proven most searchers do not go past the first page or two of results. If a business is not listed high enough in the results, they will likely never get the attention they need. With a higher search rank, major changes in traffic begin to occur.

The benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency far exceed the extra cost for most small business owners. White hat SEO professionals stay abreast of the latest Google algorithm changes and the most advanced SEO practices. They work to ensure the rules are followed and the best results are achieved. The landscape of SEO is constantly changing. It is no longer enough to create a website and leave it stagnant.

With the ever-changing Google updates, it is clear website owners must stay on their toes at all times. In most cases, Google does not even announce their changes upfront so there is no way to prepare. The best method of improving rank is following their rules and sticking with white hat approaches so updates do not lead to major rank decreases or blacklisting.

If June's update knocked a site down, there is still hope. It is never too late to completely revamp a website and transform the way it is crawled and listed. Although it may seem faster to use black hat methods, in the long run, these can end up being disastrous for small business owners who are simply trying to improve their rank and exposure to potential customers.

Since Google's core updates are quite frequent, it is wise for small business owners to act now and ensure their site is ready. Finding the right agency to manage a company's SEO efforts is essential for results. Making changes now will help to ensure a site is ready to stand up to any changes Google comes out with over the coming months and beyond.

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