Google Pixel Customizable Phone Case: The Beginning Of A New Craft

The Phone Case Place has again grabbed the attention of smartphone users with their latest collection of phone cases for the newly launched Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.

The custom Google Pixel phone case offering gives their customers a unique experience allowing them to customize one of their existing designs or create their own personal image or graphic of their choice.

Although there is competition in this field, which provide phone cases that may be altered or created by the customers themselves The Phone Case Place sets the competition aside with the unique ability of their in house designers to do the work for you where they will create the phone case layout from your photo, graphic or even just from your idea. This type of blank slate leaves your imagination as the only limit. In comparison many of the other business offering promising similar options do not allow you to use your own media and designs, and none of which offer the assistance of their own in house graphic designers to make your phone case come to life for such a low price. Competitors in this area often force you to choose from a selected brochure or digital page of designs and the customers are made to pick one from their stock images only, unlike The Phone Case Place who delivers what the promise.

In a recent press event around the launch of their Google Pixel customizable phone case, CEO of the company, Michael stated how this idea came into existence in 2013. According to him, being in the retail sector for nearly 10 years before initiation of their venture, he had earned most of the things from his previous job. Although he was from a technology background, designing was never his forte, but when he was introduced to Photoshop and graphical designing, he realized that this was missing part of his life. Once he understood the working structure of the graphic design field and practiced with new creations every day for over a year to perfect his craft, there was no looking back.

The other co-owner of the company, Natasha, added that their first start was on Etsy and eBay. Their business started off slow, but steadily it gained recognition due to their excellent products backed by their family businesses customer service excellence. She also added that currently as per their statistical reports, they already have more than 1 million satisfied customers by their side and the count is still on.

With the launch of Google’s latest flagship smartphone, the Google Pixel XL started a craze by highlighting the Google Assistant technology along with one of the top mobile phone cameras and display pairings available today causing many new clients rushing to to get a custom Google Pixel XL Case. After inquiring about the uniqueness of the fully customized and designer phone cases, one of the company officials explained it was all possible due to their precision use of sublimation printing procedure along with the artiest that bring the printing to life. Customers can send their ideas, designs, monograms, photographs and even personalized messages which they want to be part of their custom phone case design.

The artists at The Phone Case Place use their unique abilities to create along with the help of Photoshop to master the perfect designs for each customer which is then printed through with a dedicated chemical printing process to create their lasting smart phone cases. The ink that is used is a specific formula made to bring out a realistic effects of the designs for your Google Pixel XL Custom Case made specially for their sublimation style. Which is then combined with a heated press to permanently john the image with the durable backing insert of the case.

A very happy customer of one of their first batches of custom Google Pixel phone cases relayed her experience purchasing from The Phone Case Place. As per her statement, she was able to get the ideal case she dreamed of and could not wait to show it off to her friends. Having a good hand in drawing, she had created and sent one of her own designs, merging the logos of some of her favorite movies and TV shows including Harry Potter and the Vampire Diaries with her local NFL and MLB sports teams. She was amazed to see the final result in a durable lasting case that was a perfect fit for her new phone.

We found some of the most amazing things about these customized cases is that they the use a long lasting military grade adhesive and are available in multiple materials from rubber to plastic all done for a very affordable set price of only $15 per each case making it a formidable choice for customers of all ages and lifestyles.

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