Google hangout replay airs how to get organized & get rid of paper piles forever

Although we have been anticipating eliminating paper from our life for the past 10 + years, living in a paperless world is still very difficult, if not impossible.

During the Get Organized Google Hangout which aired live on March 27th – How to Get Organized and Get Rid of Paper Piles Forever, Alex Mandossian and Kathi Burns explained useful and easy tips and tricks to eliminate and organize the papers that are needed.

Preparing for tax time is typically a very stressful time of the year especially when there are paper piles spread throughout the house or office or receipts stuffed into shoe boxes. With a few of the simple steps presented in this hangout, shoe boxes and piles can be eliminated.

This hangout provided guidance to help viewers get rid of the papers that are no longer necessary. It also provided quick and easy ways to organize and keep track and find the papers quickly when needed.

Professional organizer Kathi Burns is on a mission to help people get control of their papers so that they can spend less time searching for missing papers and more time being productive. She is accomplishing this goal one Get Organized Google Hangout at a time.

This first of four Get Organized Hangouts with Kathi and Alex discusses ways to lead a simpler, less stressful life when it comes to keeping personal and business documents organized. Traditional filing systems have failed us because the majority of the stuff we put into our file drawers are no longer necessary thanks to the giant Google search engine. For instance, if information can be found faster and more up to date with a quick Google search then who needs to keep reference papers?

Granted, there are many documents that we still need to keep in our possession which is why it is important to create an easy to use filing system. Not having a working file system is similar to playing hide and seek with only one person. Playing with only one person or operating without a good system is a frustrating and senseless waste of time. This is evidenced in the statistic that the average US executive wastes 3 hours a week simply trying to find missing documents that they need to complete a task.

The Gartner Group also confirms another sobering truth about the importance of having a good document organizing and retrieval system. They estimated that 50 percent of small and medium size businesses would go out of business within three years if lost data could not be recovered in 24 hours. When we also take into account the fact that 15% of all documents are misplaced and 7.5% are lost altogether, a new strategy is required.

This Google Hangout titled ” How to Get Organized & Get Rid of Paper Piles Forever with Alex Mandossian and Professional Organizer Kathi Burns ” presented simple and effective ways for attendees to eliminate the useless piles along with a game plan to attack and organize the necessary papers.

How to Get Organized & Get Rid of Paper Piles Forever with Alex Mandossian and Professional Organizer Kathi Burns ” was the first Google hangout in a 4 part organizing series with Alex Mandossian. Everyone who signs up to attend or watch a past Get Organized Google Hangout will receive a link to download a free digital eBook covering the concepts discussed during each session. There is also a contest with prizes awarded to attendees during each live Get Organized Hangout.

All of the tips presented during this hangout were based on the organizing principals covered within the Amazon best selling book How to Master Your Muck ~ Get Organized. Add Space To Your Life. Live Your Purpose and the new online course !

Watch this hangout replay and learn how to tackle paper piles and get papers organized once and for all. Reserve a seat for the second of Kathi Burns and Alex Mandossian's Get Organized Google Hangouts airing live Thursday March 27th at noon PST (pacific time).

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