GoodNoon has Launched New Services for a Decentralized PR Industry

GoodNoon has Launched a new services for a Decentralized PR Industry with a motive to give easy access for emerging startups.

The hyper-centralized PR industry is currently managed by a few key players that are dominating the market, charging excessively high fees that only rich companies and/or individuals can afford. Following this line of thought, a question appears: where can the startups, individuals with an interesting story to tell, and small agencies be found?

The answer is that they remain banished outside the Power Club, struggling to publish fresh stories, create a market space and forge business relationships with reciprocal benefits.

GoodNoon ICO: A Song of Fee and ICO

As a response to this erroneous business model, GoodNoon is developing – through their token sale event - an ecosystem to build direct relationships. Journalists, influencers and PR agencies with a transparent pricing model that connected in a crypto environment with businesses and individuals.

GoodNoon borned as a PR agency with transparent fees and guaranteed results is founded by Roberto Liccardo alongside with an expert team. Through their ICO, GoodNoon is developing a decentralized-blockchain platform where stories meet media specialists, thus decentralizing the whole PR industry.

The tokenized environment of the GoodNoon ICO will be powered by the Ethereum protocol ERC20, the most successful blockchain computing code. Smart contract technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help stories to match with the right media specialist and engage them directly in within the platform.

As per the Company Spokesperson below are the Key Points in Innovation of the PR industry

● The GoodNoon ICO system will recommend affordable media specialists, fitted for stories according to their profile and experience.

● Due to smart contracts, the parties involved will establish encrypted agreements with clauses to be executed automatically once the terms are met.

● Interesting stories will receive the attention and exposure of the media to be able to boost their businesses.

● The platform community, influencers, and journalists will receive tokenized rewards based on the shared content, as well as better profits for their services.

● Non-leading PR agencies will gain a valuable position in the market, increase their client base, learn connections within the industry and offer affordable and competitive prices.

Make and Receive Liquidity Payments

The GoodNoon Tokens (GDN) will be the local fungible currency, designed to facilitate commercial relations and international payment methods. Individuals and companies will have a virtual wallet from which they can realize their transactions using Good Noon Tokens- transfer and receiving currency- according to a series of pre-set rules. Unlike centralized methods, these rules are not controlled by the marketplace; instead, they are controlled by the concerned members.

The agreements made between journalists, agencies, companies or individuals will have their data backed up along the global chain of nodes, completely private and available for the parties to track.

Smart Contracts to Execute Agreements

The ERC20 protocol of the smart contract will include the price range in GDN, the distribution of the fees to be paid and the referrals percentage, as well as the quality and exposure the story will have. Each of these points will be sealed, and the software command will execute the conditions immediately.

It's Not Mere Trust, It's Technology Reliability

The inherent capacity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates personalized recommendations to users within the platform. The algorithm processes several factors such as the number of stories published by a certain journalist on that same topic over time, the number of mentions that a certain journalist has dedicated to a similar company, the number of readers per story with a similar topic, etc.

About GoodNoon

The team behind the GoodNoon ICO initiative has years of experience within the Crypto and PR industry. The accumulated success of GoodNoon has helped large companies within the blockchain market such as MF Chain, 0xcert, and Multiversum to succeed, attracting the interest of several big crypto players as well as investors. These successes - together with a inner desire of changing the current centralized and status of the PR industry - have led to the development the GoodNoon ICO.

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