Good Vibes Leaf Pre-rolled Cones Can Help Smoke Shops Earn Revenue in 2021

Good Vibes Leaf, the maker of cones, is earning rave feedback from both its distribution outlets and customers. According to its CEO, Rajiv Chambers, the pre-rolled cones could bring valuable revenue to smoke shops that are struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The idea behind Good Vibes Leaf took shape in 2018 when Rajiv was looking to buy some cones as he couldn’t roll one. After driving for 20 minutes, he found a smoke shop where a little branded cone was kept. When he stopped by the same shop a few months later, the store was predominantly occupied with the same brand, almost to 60% of its space. The owner informed him that this cone was selling like hotcakes. After all, many people couldn’t roll.

This brand did the trick for Rajiv, who returned with the inspiration to create the same magic and help smoke shops earn great revenue. To do this, his brand had to solve a customer problem, and that was to help those who couldn’t roll. A few moments later, he realized he could end up losing millions of dollars, but still help the stores boost their income. A marketing idea then struck Rajiv – he could give a free pack of cones along with a bought one, and the free pack would be meant “For a friend or family”. As to whether it was possible for the buyer to also keep the free pack, it was clear that they would gift away what they liked to a friend or the family too.

“My idea could be translated thus, that for smoke shops, every free pack that leaves their store is a possible new customer coming to their smoke shop to purchase. This would resolve their main problem, that is lack of exposure, especially during Covid-19,” says Rajiv.

The marketing strategy for Good Vibes Leaf was thus ready. The 20 packs of 3-cones were sold at good margins, and the first 100 shops also got a code for a big discount. The strategy of giving one free pack came with rules too, and the shops had to give away one free pack for every one pack bought, ask the buyer to gift it to a friend or family, and keep repeating the process.

The limited supply code is available at

As to how Good Vibes Leaf was founded, the story goes back to the start of 2017, when Rajiv was at home with his wife and business partner, Ashley. While Rajiv, an ex-military serviceman, suffered from depression and PTSD after returning from two deployments and eight years of honorable service, Ashley too suffered from depression and anxiety after an early loss of her parents when she was young. To them, hemp was a relief, but they couldn’t roll. After checking out an Indian company’s cone-shaped leaves that were popular in India and reminded Rajiv of Jamaica, they decided to manufacture one. Their popular expression was ‘good vibes’ or good vibrations. Thus the name Good Vibes Leaf was born.

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