GoMatcha Release 6.5.1 Now Available For iOS And Android

The latest GoMatcha release includes global support for modern iOS apps. The service is optimized to be compatible with Xcode 11, ARKit 2 and Swift 2.3.

GoMatcha is pleased to announce the launch of GoMatcha Release 6.5.1, the latest in the family of support releases for modern iOS apps. Matcha 6.5.1 is a major upgrade to the existing app.

Version 6.5.1 is focused on security, performance, usability and UI. It is being referred to as the most significant release since the initial release of Matcha. The newest release will include compiler optimizations for binaries, with a binary size of less than two MB.

The latest release comes with global support for today's modern iOS apps. The team has optimized the service to be compatible with iOS apps. They will launch a new application framework to modernize the performance of the app. The newly released product will also include new build optimization, which will reduce the size of the product. Features of the release include the implementation of better load balancing and compression and gzip support for the app.

On May 4, 2021, the team is releasing the new version of the package. The new app and framework will have integrated performance features for mobile environments and better security features. The highlights of the newest release include improvements to system performance for consistent function resolution and multi-touch. Improved security for user data in production is reflected by Go's ability to use the app itself in its implementation.

This feature can be a powerful incentive to speed up applications in the real world. The latest release and its tooling features make a very powerful mobile framework more reliable and even faster. The designers of Matcha have attempted to innovate on the structure of the UI, which makes the app easy to understand and use Go for iOS development. The coding can support both Android and iOS. Learning Matcha is not difficult because the library comes with a comprehensive tutorial package.

About the Site:

GoMatcha offers Version 6.5.1, which comes with compiler optimizations and global support for the latest iOS apps worldwide. The release will launch a new application framework to modernize the performance. Also available is better load balancing, gzip support and compression for the app. Additional information about the product can be seen at https://gomatcha.io/release-notes-651.html

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