Golff: One-Stop Services Encrypted Bank

Golff is positioned as a one-stop services encrypted bank, committed to create a light, open, and free financial world.

Golff is positioned as a one-stop services encrypted bank, committed to create a light, open, and free financial world. It is mainly a DeFi aggregator platform, and the product matrix includes liquidity mining, earning collection, financial enhancement insurance, the one-click aggregation lending service and more.

Golff solves the pain points in current DeFi Market and brings new experience for users to participate. First, “One-Stop” product experience lowers the user threshold and allows users to smoothly complete the financing process. Secondly, in order to provide users an experience that adapts to their respective cultures and habits, Golff is committed to make multi-version, localized product design, simultaneously catering to the needs of eastern and western users. Thirdly, Golff allows users to obtain financial benefits while also having social attributes and game-like experiences, thereby greatly improving user stickiness. Furthermore, Golff is created as a full-service DeFi product, serving a full range of financial needs, including liquidity mining, financial management, insurance, lending, derivatives, etc.

GOF is the only governance token in the Golff DeFi open financial system, which has 100 million. 95% GOF will be generated from liquidity mining which is a fair and transparent way to generate tokens. The profits generated from commissions, handling fees, and management fees in all products within will be used to buy-back GOF in secondary market. Also, holding GOF can participate in liquidity mining. In terms of governance, Golff is a new financial world that requires a large number of users to participate in the construction, GOF holders need to vote to determine the expansion and growth of the system such as liquidity mining parameters, product conversion, behavioral incentive parameters, token economic model parameters, etc.

On August 23rd, Golff announced that it has achieved a $3 million institutional financing led by GXChain. More than a dozen top investment institutions such as FBG Capital, Consensus Lab, Bitrise Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Nova Club, N7 Labs, Chain Capital, Imagination Fund, Skylink Capital, LongBit Labs, Jubi Labs, BKex labs, etc also involved in this financing round. Meanwhile, contract review will be completed soon, in September liquid mining will be available, and the first phase of mining will support GXC. The liquidity mining will be available in early September after the security audit is finished.

Mr. Yunpeng Ding, the Founder and CEO of Golff, shared his opinion in a DeFi Panel of Cointelegraph China. He believes DeFi will have a partial impact on the traditional financial market in the short term, but the impact is very limited. The one-click aggregation lending service launched by Golff can aggregate current mainstream DeFi lending platforms, such as MakerDAO, Compound, Dharma, dYdX, etc. This will greatly expand the underlying assets that can be used for lending, enhance the user's asset liquidity, and optimize the best interest rate, reducing the user's borrowing cost. Now the DeFi market is hot and crypto world’s funds are relatively active. Although some traditional institutions have money in it, their proportion is still small. Traditional institution is still preferring to participate in mainstream assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, also there’s a white list from state government in US. However, he believes with the improvement of regulation, traditional funds will flow into the DeFi market, which will truly bring changes to traditional financial services in future.

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