GoldSol Inc. announces plans to open nanotechnology facility in Pheonix, AZ.

Goldsol Inc. announced today the company’s plans to develop a state of the art commercial gold and silver nanotechnology development and production facility in Pheonix, Arizona.

Goldsol Inc. announced today the company’s plans to develop a state of the art commercial gold and silver nanotechnology development and production facility IN PHOENIX ARIZONA.

Goldsol Inc. is in the business of producing advanced precious metal nanomaterials for use in a panoply of applications. The company announced plans to open a state of the art development and production facility by Q1 of 2016. The facility is the early planning stage and will be designed with the capability of developing and producing commercial quantities of any number of specific formulations for its customers. The Company holds exclusive rights to several core patents and patent pending formulations for precious metal colloids with unprecedented stability and scalability for nano-particle solutions.

The company’s CEO Steve Crimi Stated “As an early stage company we continue to remain laser focused on our short term objective to generate revenue from our market ready products. However, it is increasingly clear that there is a growing need for our expertise in developing and producing commercially viable precious metal colloids. Industry partners want to commercialize products for many applications, with each one requiring slightly different characteristics. There is a need for a facility capable of filling the void between research quantities and large scale production. We intend to fill that need by building a facility capable of producing relatively small quantities of product with the price, stability and consistency needed for commercialization. We are confident that a facility designed for the sole purpose of developing and producing small commercial quantities of precious and semi-precious metal solutions is necessary to move the industry forward and achieving our long term objective in becoming a recognized leader in this space”

The company intends to open the facility under the name Goldsol Labs and will work directly with industry partners in creating products for the life sciences, electronics and additive manufacturing sectors to formulate commercially viable solutions to suit their individual needs.

Goldsol Inc. is presently engaged in discussions with several companies who are interested in developing specific formulations for future product offerings and Crimi sees this trend continuing and maturing into a substantial revenue stream for the company. He went on to say “There is substantial promising research, and some commercialization by a few companies.  However, the challenge remaining for most companies, is the lack of expertise and/or the resources to develop their own gold Np’s.” Almost all the Gold Np’s available from labs are designed for research and development and are not a viable option for commercial products.  Goldsol intends change this.

Gold Nanoparticles are used in Drug delivery systems, Diagnostics, imaging and catalysts and pigments, just to name a few. The price of gold can have a substantial impact on the viability in some of these applications. However, for most applications the added value of the product compared to the amount of Gold used is more than justified, even if Gold reaches $1,900 an ounce.

One example is the recent report stating that Gold Nano-particles can be used to melt body fat. The University of California, San Diego nano medicine expert Adah Almutairi, and her brother Khalid who is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, were inspired by research involving gold nanoparticles for chemotherapy.  It was discovered by using near-infrared light to heat the gold nanoparticles they effectively cooked the cancer cells while leaving the surrounding cells and tissue unharmed. Realizing that fat cells melt at a low enough temperature as well, they are now experimenting with utilizing Gold Np’s in conjunction with liposuction to achieve substantial fat loss.

The scope of precious metal nano-particles continues to evolve and Goldsol is excited to be at the forefront of this industry.

Goldsol Inc. ( is an advanced material company specializing in metal nano-colloids.

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