Goldman Bachman and Newman Reveals Three Firm Attorneys Participate in ESP Panels

Goldman Bachman and Newman litigates all portions of divorce case and reveals three firm Attorneys participate in ESP panels.

New Jersey differs from many states in that it requires divorcing parties participate in a process known as the early settlement program to avoid a court appearance. This alternative dispute resolution procedure strives to help parties reach an equitable agreement when it comes to disputed matters quickly and efficiently. Doing so halts the litigation process and reduces the costs associated with divorce proceedings while easing the emotional burden of all involved.

"Goldstein Bachman and Newman understands the early settlement program ( and what it entails. When one goes before a panel of two court appointed lawyers, he or she needs an attorney to advocate their position and protect their rights. The panel hears both sides and renders their opinions. What makes Goldstein Bachman and Newman uniquely qualified to assist clients is three attorneys from the firm currently work on these panels regularly, a sign they are extremely proficient in the matrimonial law field," Howard Bachman of Goldstein Bachman and Newman ( explains.

The Early Settlement Panel (ESP) deals with certain financial issues arising within a divorce, including alimony, child support, attorney fees, and property division. As many cases involve custody and visitation issues, the attorney may recommend various other mediation programs to revolve these and other matters of the divorce.

"Attorneys at Goldstein Bachman and Newman regularly handle cases involving collaborative divorce, high net worth divorces, domestic violence, college expenses after divorce, and more. Many couples fail to recognize the importance of divorce tax planning, and the attorneys at Goldstein Bachman and Newman can be of assistance here also," Bachman continues.

Couples in the midst of a divorce need to understand how assets received during the equitable distribution process affect their taxes. An experienced attorney outlines the benefits of transferring assets in some situations and offering them for sale in others. In addition, he or she details how income tax is affected by alimony and child support obligations and how to minimize estate taxes levied later in life by careful planning during the divorce process.

"Divorce affects one's life for many years to come. Mistakes made during this stressful time tend to come with severe consequences. To prevent this from happening, one should always retain the services of experienced counsel as the right attorney works to protect his or her client's rights while ensuring they get what they deserve," Bachman states.

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