Golden Dog Run Token changes crypto standards with Passive income and mobile earn-to-play gaming

Golden Dog Run is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform built on Binance smart chain. It aims to fill the gap between fiat currency and cryptocurrency and bring the perks of the sector to the general public.

Have you heard of anyone who has made a fortune in cryptocurrency trading? There are many of them. But, it's important to remember that not everyone will achieve their goals. These people were able to do so not just because they invested in the appropriate currency but also because they understood that while there are hundreds of coins, they are not all made equal.

In the fast-changing cryptocurrency industry, it is critical to invest in a coin that can survive the uncertainty of this market while also providing significant leverage to its consumers. To achieve this purpose, the Golden Dog Run coin is going to be launched so that investors can enjoy all the perks of a stable coin without worrying about the associated fees and transaction confidentiality. The question that arises here is, what makes Golden Dog Run Coin shine brighter among many other emerging coins?

With a launch date of November 2021, Golden Dog Run is the fastest developing cryptocurrency of its kind, rewarding holders with Binance Pegged BUSD. It offers 10x faster trading speeds and cheaper gas costs than traditional blockchains. It is one of the first projects ever with a 7% BUSD rewards reflection.

Playing games on mobile phones is a norm but making money with it is something new. With the Golden Dog Run, the gamers can have "fun and earn" simultaneously. In Q2, Golden Dog Run Coin is going to awe its users (the NFT owners) by allowing them to participate in the earn-to-play games on mobile devices and gain passive income simply by holding the tokens.

One of the crucial factors that play a vital role in the success of any business or cryptocurrency is the clarity and transparency of how all the funds will be utilized. Golden Dog Run has achieved this milestone effectively. Each transaction (whether made through the game or by buying or selling GDR tokens will result in a 7% return in Binance Pegged BUSD, which will be transferred to the wallet every 120 minutes.

Golden Dog Run coins have a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 GDR. The presale and initial liquidity will receive 35 percent of the total $GDR coins. 4.5 % is allocated for the marketing and growing community budget. 4 % is for marketing, including visibility, social media, and future investment opportunities. The remaining 0.5% is for prize pools. Pancakeswap's Liquidity Pool receives 2% of each transaction to provide a steady pricing floor. 1.5 percent of each transaction's value is going to a Smart Contract as a buyback strategy. The burn address receives 50 percent of the tokens.

No organization can successfully work without an effective team. The Golden Dog Run has one such team that is working tirelessly to achieve the company's vision and goal. Currently, the GDR has the departments for front and back end development, marketing, project management, and design, and quality assurance. Moreover, the Golden Dog Run also intends to conduct KYC and Compliance Proof verifications shortly to assure the safety and security of all investors and participants.
So, what are you waiting for! Golden Dog Run is going to be a trendsetter, escorting in a wave of newly emerging coins. Experts foresee it becoming the de facto standard for cryptocurrencies persuading an ever-growing legion of investors, followers, and spin-offs. Gamers and investors can get their share of this revolutionary coin by visiting their official website here.


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