Gold IRA Guide Claims Dollar is Doomed and Publishes List Of Best Gold IRA Custodians

With the dollar depreciating in value as the value of gold continues to spike, Gold IRA claims there has never been a better time to shift IRA’s and 401k’s into gold.

Gold and silver have been precious to us for as long as human history has been documented. Their lustre and incorruptibility captured the imaginations of everyone from the ancient Egyptians to gangster rappers in the 21st century. There will always be a value in precious metals, and Gold IRA Guide has recently published two stark but hopeful articles aimed at helping individuals leverage that value for their personal prosperity, by accepting the dollar is doomed and putting their retirement funds into precious metals.

The dollar is doomed editorial explains that a silver dollar from 1930 can buy seven gallons of gas now, just as the paper dollar did in 1930. The paper dollar however can barely purchase a third of a gallon. The devaluation of the dollar is currently a concern for the international economic community, and as such should be a more immediate concern for American citizens.

As a result, they have also published an article on the best Gold IRA and 401k custodians in 2013. The article judges providers on their reputation, track record and trustworthiness, and gives them a rating out of five stars along with a breakdown of how they earned that rating, so potential investors can move forward well informed.

A spokesperson for Gold IRA explained, “The devaluation of paper currency is marked, and we describe this in detail in our Dollar is Doomed editorial, which explains that very simply, precious metals retain or increase their value while currency depreciates. In this way, investing in precious metals for a retirement fund is a guaranteed way of increasing one’s wealth ahead of retirement. The paper money used to buy initial investments goes down over time, while precious metals go up. To invest in Gold through a Roth IRA is one of the smartest things people can do, which is why we’ve recommended it.”

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