Gold IRA For Investors Blows The Lid Off Parasitic Companies Killing Baby Boomer Investments

Gold IRA For Investors has published a new report revealing as many as 87% of investors are being, “swindled, misled and flushing their hard earned life savings right down the toilet.”

Baby Boomers have faced a great many unexpected difficulties, with the Federal Reserve letting inflation skyrocket, effectively pile driving their purchasing power. As a result the masses are reacting by abandoning their paper assets and flocking in their thousands to the security of tangible assets, and ‘gold fever’ is spreading like wild fire. Gold IRA For Investors is a website that has been getting a lot of attention lately for helping people find responsible Gold asset management companies, and has just published a damning report on the thousands of opportunistic companies that are preying on the naïve.

In the report, Gold IRA for Investors explain that, “the blind are mindlessly following the blind” as many people still don’t have the in depth knowledge required to make the right decisions. Thanks to Steve Smith, founder of, this knowledge is now accessible to all, together with warning of known predatory companies.

As well as the report, Gold IRA For Investors has created an acid test ( for filtering out sharks with a three step process. Mr. Smith's website offers thorough research reports and in-depth videos showing how he and his associates cherry picked the best Gold IRA companies from all the rotten apples. More importantly he also shares how they’ve caught the sharks red handed and sidestepped their deceitful sales tactics.

A spokesperson for explained, “Forbes has reported that we are on the precipice of the greatest retirement crisis in the history of the world, and we want to stop that. Our in-depth gold investing report on how to roll over a 401k or traditional IRA into precious metals has been the most successful guide inside our mastermind group. So, we have decided to release it to the general public to equip baby boomers with the proper knowledge to avoid being shorn like sheep”.

About Gold IRA For Investors: Gold IRA For Investors is a new site founded to help people successfully roll over their 401k or IRA into a Gold IRA, avoiding the many potential pitfalls and helping people find the successes they deserve in substantiating their wealth using the power of material assets management. The site is regularly updated and regularly publishes new reports and materials about the industry.

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