Gold IRA Examiner Launches a New Precious Metals Investment Website

The brand new website strives to be the authoritative site on gold IRAs, precious metals providers, and more, reports

Gold IRA Examiner ( proudly announces the launch of their new website, one committed to being the most authoritative third party gold company referral source on the Internet today. The site strives to share information about gold IRA retirement accounts and how to transfer a current 401k into a gold IRA. Consumers quickly see the site provides gold IRA company reviews and gold IRA company referrals to make the process of purchasing precious metals easier.

"Visitors to gold ira examiner ( discover information they want and need when deciding where to place retirement funds. One finds the site offers information on why individuals are now looking to trade gold and how to go about obtaining a gold investment kit. In addition, various precious metal investment options are discussed, as individuals aren't limited to gold when they choose this type of investment vehicle," Dan Houston, spokesperson for Gold IRA Examiner, explains.

One concern many have when it comes to their investment portfolio involves the stability of gold. Gold remains a good choice, as it isn't affected by changes in the American dollar. Most assets cannot say the same. In fact, when the housing market goes into decline and stocks fluctuate greatly in price, often on the same day, investors tend to become nervous. Those who invest in precious metals fail to have the same concerns, as they recognize these metals typically increase in value as their other assets decline in this area.

Houston points out that precious metals offer high yield with low risk. Gold comes with intrinsic value, of concern to many who believe the American dollar is about to collapse. If the American dollar strengthens, individuals may find their investments remain in danger, because the world economy plays a role in the value of investment portfolios in America and elsewhere around the globe. Investors must keep this in mind and find the right balance for their needs.

Once the decision has been made to transfer a portion of one's retirement funds to a Gold IRA, the process moves to selecting a provider. Numerous companies now offer precious metals for this purpose, leaving consumers confused as to which company may best meet their needs. Gold IRA Examiner understands this and offers unbiased reviews of a number of providers.

"Individuals, when watching television, may see an ad for Regal Assets or Rosland Capital and assume these are the only companies offering precious metals investment opportunities. Nothing is further from the truth. Many other companies offer these metals, yet don't advertise as heavily, and they should not be overlooked. Read reviews of Kitco Gold, Bullion Direct and Birch Gold Group, along with many others, before making a decision, as one can never be too careful with their money. Gold IRA Examiner helps to make the process easier to ensure the right company is selected every time," Houston states.

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Established in 2014, Gold IRA Examiner provides accurate resources and information for investors and individuals looking into investing in a Gold Backed IRA with their retirement funds. An independently owned company, Gold IRA Examiner strives to provide authoritative information, reviews of various companies offering gold IRAs, and referral services, making it their mission to do so.

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