Gold IRA Basics Launches Precious Metal Investing Campaign

Precious metal investing protects a person's retirement fund reports Gold IRA Basics.

Within the past ten years, demand for gold skyrocketed for a number of reasons. Gold helps individuals suffering from certain medical conditions, including prostate cancer and arthritis, and is often used in the making of surgical instruments, life support devices, and more. Manufacturers use the gold for the production of many other items, including computers and GPS systems, while dentists may use it for fillings and crowns. The same is also true of silver and other precious metals. Of course, gold and silver remain popular for jewelry in all parts of the world, and the high demand for gold continues to be a good reason for investing in precious metals, leading many to consider making use of a gold IRA.

"Precious metals remain a hot commodity for a variety of reasons, not just due to a limited supply and high demand. Before one decides to include gold or silver in his or her investment portfolio, however, he or she needs to understand Gold IRA basics as the IRS has specific guidelines concerning retirement accounts of this type. One needs to ensure these guidelines are understood before proceeding," Ray Visaya, spokesperson for Gold IRA Basics, points out.

The IRS dictates which items may be included in an IRA. In addition, one must make use of an IRS custodian for the storage of the metals as the investor cannot hold the items. Once one understands the requirements of the IRS, he or she needs to find a company to work with and there are many to choose from.

"Take care when choosing a gold IRA investment firm as there are unscrupulous people in the industry. Due to the high demand for precious metals, many con artists decided this was an easy way to make quick cash at the expense of others. Certain questions should be asked before one turns their money over to any company for the purpose of investing in precious metals," Visaya explains.

Visaya recommends investors ask three questions before investing with any company and offers information on these three questions at the website Gold IRA Basics ( In addition, the site offers gold investing tips, information on precious metal dealers, company reviews, and access to a gold and silver investment kit. The tools and resources available at Gold IRA Basics allow investors to make informed decisions as to whether this investment vehicle is right for their needs.

"Many find retirement to be a scary prospect as they are concerned about rising prices and the decreasing value of the dollar. Investing in gold makes sense as precious metals never lose their value, a problem seen with real estate as well as stocks and bonds. As other asset classes decrease, precious metals tend to increase in value. Investing in gold and silver ensures one has money when they need it most, even when paper currency is declared worthless, as precious metals are tangible assets and ones which may be used as currency across the globe. Look into a gold IRA today because it may be just what one needs to complete their investment portfolio," Visaya proclaims.

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