Go CarGo Asia (GCG Asia) Wins Award for Excellence in Cold Chain Logistics and Supply Chain Services

Go CarGo Asia (GCG Asia) is a leader in real-time supply chain monitoring for industries such as pharmaceuticals and life sciences, and food and beverage sectors.

Go CarGo Asia (GCG Asia), a leading provider of cold chain logistics and supply chain monitoring solutions, officially announced that it has won an award for General Excellence in Data & AI category in the Asia Logistics Awards 2021.

Go CarGo Asia (GCG Asia) is a leader in real-time supply chain monitoring for industries such as pharmaceuticals and life sciences, and food and beverage sectors.

“We feel honoured to have GCG Asia’s innovative services acknowledged by a renowned industry award. For the past few years, GCG Asia has been heavily investing in the digital transformation of cold chain logistics and supply chain monitoring so our customers and clients all over the world but specifically in Asia, can continue their mission to deliver their goods and services at their most efficient levels,” said GCG Asia founder and CEO Morgan Chua.

Speaking from his Malaysia office, GCG Asia’s Chua said that the company’s award is validation for their relentless focus on the digitalisation of their services. Customers can use Go CarGo Asia (GCG Asia) ’s IoT, API connectivity and cloud-enabled analytics to reduce costs, improve traceability and automation.

“Go CarGo Asia’s AI and data-driven technologies enable our customers to continue serving customers in critical areas such as medicines, vaccines, foods and other products that save and improve lives. These services not only improve efficiency, but result in significant cost-savings,” said GCG Asia’s Chua in an official announcement.

Chua explained that the pandemic had exposed long-standing gaps within the global supply chain. “There is an urgent need for supply chains to improve and to manage high operational costs at the same time. GCG Asia is known for customer service and our investments into digitalisation and AI meant that we were well positioned to capture new clients, particularly in the USD$300 billion temperature-controlled supply chain,” he said.

Go CarGo Asia (GCG Asia) ’s technology connects in real-time all the activities along the value chain, enabling increased automation and streamlining workflows. “All our data is accessible to all stakeholders when needed at any point along the process. This helps increase reliability, transparency, safety and security for our customers. Real-time access to GCG Asia’s data is critical for us and our customers who are able to act on information quickly,” explains Chua.

The Asia-Pacific cold chain logistics market is seeing a surge in refrigerated warehousing and the explosive growth of processed food sectors and pharmaceuticals. However, fragmentation across the supply chain, lack of standardization, and high operational costs hinder growth. The global pandemic additionally slowed demand and supply while upending the sector with lasting impacts.

“We believe that our adoption of automated software and availability of RFID technologies in applications will open up lucrative opportunities for us. Despite the resurgence of COVID-19 in the region dims our outlook, I believe GCG Asia is resilient and agile enough to capture these opportunities, “said Chua.

Go CarGo Asia (GCG Asia) currently sees an opportunity for expansion into Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam, where the market for refrigerated or frozen foods is rapidly increasing due to urbanisation and changing consumer tastes.

Chua sees opportunities for disruption through the deployment of advanced technologies. “We estimate that 90% of Southeast Asia’s food waste is created during transport. It is a legacy sector that is primed for modernisation. We also see the explosion of e-commerce has additionally bolstered the growth of cold storage facilities and infrastructure support in the region,” he explains.

Go CarGo Asia (GCG Asia) also sees an emerging business application in the COVID-19 vaccine transportation and delivery flows in the region. GCG Asia in Singapore and Japan has seen a significant uptick in enquiries for this service.

“Our extensive cold chain expertise and our real-time data access allow customers to track quality conditions and locations of highly sensitive materials such as vaccines. At the same time, we can achieve cost savings, reduce losses and increase optimisation and communication along the supply chain from end-to-end,” explained GCG Asia’s CEO Chua.

Although currently privately-owned, the company is gearing up for a possible IPO in the near future, with GCG Asia CEO and founder Chua fielding investor inquiries and providing investors with the latest updates about GCG Asia and the industry to drum up interest. “This award adds significant validation to our business model and increases investor interest in our business,” he said.

Go CarGo Asia (GCG Asia) is a cold chain logistics provider based in Taiwan. For more information, visit cgexperience

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