Globalization Opens More Job Opportunities In Asia

Globalization has become an unstoppable force. The Asia Internship Program welcomes the dawn of international enterprise.

The Asia Internship Program offers opportunities for young people who want to take advantage of worldwide cultural opportunities to take part in the Internship in Thailand program. As the world becomes more interconnected, a culturally aware workforce is a necessity. Asia is becoming increasingly sought-after as an attempt to contend with employer demand. Foreign countries welcomed over 336,000 US-based university students to partake in various work experience programs, which is a 350% increase from 1990. Companies have articulated a growing notice in young professionals who not only studied abroad but those who have had experience overseas as it is a beneficial asset to enhance career perspectives.

Having international work experience can bring a substantial advantage on students’ curriculum vitae, as prominent credentials, considering not everyone has a window of opportunity to do so. Businesses pine for exceptional candidates that have the ability to set themselves apart from others. Asia is currently the world’s fastest-growing economic region, and is predicted to maintain this position for the next decade.

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Daniele Cosentino, Managing Director for Asia Internship Program (AIP), believes that an internship within Asia is a great way for Western graduates to take advantage of this current climate, “If graduates are looking to elevate the chances of working within global enterprises, an internship abroad is an indubious way to achieve this.”

Businesses in China and ASEAN countries have expanded and become more competitive; which has resulted in the global economy to move towards the east. Take China, for example, the country alone has the second-largest economy in the world. This means that there are greater prospects of job creation, showing a greater demand for high-skilled workers. At the same time, the growth of businesses not only creates more job opportunities but also often brings with it rising salaries and better benefits for employees.

Aside from improved financial advantages, businesses in Asia allow international professionals to work on building their key cross-cultural skills, which is another trait highly valued by employers from all around the globe. In other words, having an appreciation of foreign cultures, beliefs and practices and thus knowing how to conduct businesses abroad are perceived as invaluable skills for any career paths as businesses around the world are becoming more and more borderless to one another.

A study curated by Willaim Maddux, associate professor of organizational behaviour at INSEAD, affirms that students who embraced a flexible approach to foreign cultures are able to form connections among contrasting ideologies. He goes on to state, "people who have international experience or identify with more than one nationality are better problem solvers and display more creativity, our research suggests." Simply put, the advantages gained by those who lived abroad out-performed those who did not, as they have a tendency to be creative thinkers.

A notable factor to keep into account while gaining experience for young aspiring entrepreneurs is how preferred skills in the workplace are quite demanding, and is always expected without request. In addition to possessing an international mindset, one must have the necessary capabilities to go hand in hand with their broadened minds. Core highlights of 21st-century skills are collaboration, information literacy, and having the initiative to take charge in leadership roles. According to this list alone, one who has studied or worked in a foreign country would have undeniably already been exposed to conditions that require these skills. These skills are highlighted to ensure young adults would be able to keep up with the ever-shifting nature of today’s modern markets.

Taking all of this into consideration, it is clear that hiring employees who have gained insight into different cultural settings will become a requisite for companies who want to advance their business globally. Partaking in an internship abroad in a setting like Asia, will without a doubt keep interns one step ahead of the competition.

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