Global Rare Diamonds Launches International Fancy Colour Diamond Boutique

Global Rare Diamonds is using the power of the internet to create an online store for investment grade fancy colour diamonds, argyle diamonds, bringing their intrinsic beauty and magnificence to life.

Diamonds are much more than their composite parts. When considering a diamond or a piece of diamond jewelry, it is important to get a sense to just how amazing they are in the flesh. Other than holding an example of one of the world’s most expensive commodities, there is no better way to sample the brilliance of fancy colour diamonds than by visiting Global Rare Diamonds newly launched online boutique. In doing this and by tapping into their expert advice, consumers will truly experience the wonder of diamonds and perhaps find that giving a loved one a ‘never to be forgotten’ gift of one of Global Rare diamonds selection of diamond earrings, necklaces or engagement rings, to name but a few, may just be within budget.

Global Rare Diamonds has just created an online store to showcase their unbeatable product range, just in time for Valentine’s Day and promises to host the largest stock of fancy coloured and Argyle Diamonds in the United Kingdom. Fancy colour diamonds are created as a result of natural gas impurities like boron, or by irradiation, while Argyle diamonds mostly found in Australia and are the most precious and rare diamonds on earth.

Fancy coloured diamonds could make an ideal stable long term investment in these uncertain times or a romantic Valentine’s Day gift, and to celebrate the opening the Global Rare Diamonds is offering 10% off everything in the store until March 1st.

The website offers all diamonds and jewellery at lower prices than a broker, making them ideal for those looking to invest. The site has even created an infographic to explain how Argyle diamonds’ diversifying industrial uses are tipping them to become the world’s top hard asset, increasing by 15-20% annually.

A spokesperson for Global Rare Diamonds explained, “Argyle diamonds are one of the world’s most sought after investments and our stock provides an amazing investment opportunity for people interested in making serious gains. Meanwhile our collection of fancy colour diamonds is both an excellent investment opportunity and an incredible basis for the most luxurious jewellery it’s possible to find.”

About Global Rare Diamonds:
Global Rare Diamonds is an international boutique company, supplying investment grade (GIA) Fancy Colour Diamonds, Argyle Diamonds, Luxury Custom & Bespoke Jewellery and more. They have now launched an online store to provide these unbeatable items to the world market to make money on investment or give unforgettable gifts.

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Organization: Global Rare Diamonds Ltd
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