GLOBAL RADAR ! Defining the DEFI

Adopting the DeFI model and being regulated with the SEC, Global Radar continues its quest to be at the forefront in this evolving market.

In the past few years, various trends have determined the development of the cryptocurrency market. A comprehensive understanding of current market trends is essential to help users better predict future market trends so that they can make better investment decisions to obtain greater profits.
According to experts, analysts, and investors, 2020 will be the year when users see the market move in a new direction. Without further ado, this article will focus on the new changes that will affect the market this year.
Halving event
Currency halving, also known as " halving ", is a phenomenon in which miners' bulk production is reduced by half. The possession of Bitcoin will be the most significant halving event in 2020. The number of bitcoins awarded per digital ledger will be reduced from 12.5 to 6.25.
By halving the output, the market supply will decrease, and the increase in demand will inevitably push up the price of coins. That being said, investors must also consider that mining Bitcoin is no longer so profitable because the resources that were used to mine Bitcoin now yield far less revenue. Because the return on investment of these miners has decreased. This may cause many miners to withdraw from the market in search of new coins to mine.
After the halving event, the value of the coin may rise/fall depending on the situation. When the coin reaches full saturation, it may become more valuable than gold, or it may lose its value and become a richer and more practical digital currency in the market.
Regulations on the initiation of cryptocurrency transactions
From 2017 to 2018, with ICOs rapidly growing popularity, we see more and more practical introduction of tokens in the market. Due to improper planning, when an ICO Token enters the trading platform, their value will usually drop sharply. Due to the lack of regulations to regulate the market, the digital currency market has also witnessed the proliferation of ICO scams in the market. During this period, investors lost thousands of dollars, which caused people to lose confidence in cryptocurrencies.
2020 will be the year when more regulations and government sanctions are introduced to minimize all this. After registration with relevant institutions, many countries/regions will allow exchanges to have legal effect. With the implementation of regulations and safety measures, Marketing regarding coin offerings will no longer be ambiguous or confusing. Since the company will be responsible for any false information they provide, they will think twice before considering defrauding the public. As a result, the market will have increased confidence and may attract new investors.
The marriage of cryptocurrency and financial technology
Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more mainstream because the market is finding actual use cases in its products, rather than hypothetical use cases. As fintech companies adopt it, it can help the market solve the scalability problems they face. The symbiotic relationship between the blockchain AI and cryptocurrency will be a key technology-driven in currency trading. Blockchain will extract the AI value, and the AI will enhance the security of encrypted transactions. In 2020, companies will begin to realize the potential of this technical cooperation and begin to adopt it.
Global Radar is at the forefront of this era of changes. GJLD adopts the DeFI model and complies with SEC regulations. This requires investors to invest in specific, sustainable products that fully meet the requirements of relevant regulatory agencies. Investors will rest assured that they will not suffer such rampant fraud in the current market.
Promulgated by CIB located in Crédit Agricole. GJLD continues to develop its technology at hand to better adapt to the evolving market. By making it cheaper, better and faster, GJLD can provide investors and issuers with a completely safe, efficient and low-cost ecosystem.
According to GJLD's research, 2020 will see some interesting trends and market changes. Through the adoption of various industries and regulatory agencies, we can see the value of our favourite coins continue to increase, while also providing a faster and safer upgrade framework than ever before.

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