Global News Online Named the Top Five Emerging Technologies That Might Reshape the World

Global News Online, an online news portal, recently named the top five emerging technologies of 2018 that might reshape the world.

Global News Online, an online news portal that covers everything from money and financial matters to sports, recently named the top five emerging technologies that have the potential to improve lives, transform key industries and help protect the planet. The editors of the online news portal collaborated with top commentators and experts in technology and prepared a list of top five technologies, which include quantum computing, sustainable communities, genomic vaccines, green vehicles and blockchain-based social networking.

The editors said at a press conference that each of the technologies they have handpicked the technologies would empower not just a certain section of people, but the mankind as a whole. They added that the technologies would reduce environmental pollution, make the planet more habitable, would be instrumental in scientific progress, reduce mortality rate in communities and bridge the gap between people living in different parts of the world.

While speaking about the technologies that they have chosen, one of the members of the Global News Online editorial team said that they have chosen the technologies after taking into consideration how exactly the technologies would impact human lives. “, for example, is a blockchain-based decentralized and secure instant messenger and a fast-growing social network which we have reviewed to get an understanding of how blockchain-based social networking is gradually replacing older models of social networking.

“Creating global social platforms is as important as inventing new vaccinations and medicines for treating life-changing diseases. It would open up new opportunities for meaningful communication, make file sharing and knowledge exchange easier and would even make digital transactions easier, something what developers have successfully done”, added the editor.

“On the other hand, sustainable living is the need of the hour. There are independent manufacturers of green building and construction materials that have changed the way people live to some extent. Scientists have also made great strides in making genomic vaccines that would be instrumental in preventing epidemics in even the remotest areas. Also, we are keeping a tab on how green vehicles are fast replacing the traditional modes of transport and we must say that we are super-impressed”, said the editor.

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