Global Evolving Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies Market Development Trends and Key Manufacturer Report 2017

Publisher’s latest report,"Evolving Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies: Digital as a Key Component of Multichannel Marketing" provides a comprehensive analysis of the changing pharmaceutical marketing landscape in the digital age.

Evolving Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies: Digital as a Key Component of Multichannel Marketing

While the pharmaceutical industry readily adopts new technologies to provide medical advancements, it has been much slower to adopt technology within its marketing efforts, mostly relying on traditional channels and methods. However, the decreasing effectiveness of these traditional channels, given changing physician, patient and consumer trends in today’s increasingly digital society, is forcing an evolution of pharmaceutical marketing strategies. The report examines how the effective implementation of various digital marketing approaches, in conjunction with traditional channels in an integrated multichannel marketing strategy, has the ability to expand marketing reach, increase audience engagement, provide higher return on investment (ROI) and improve methods of tracking ROI for pharmaceutical companies.

The report features an overview of the various marketing channels available to pharma, and examines the factors driving change within this field. It analyzes how a wide range of digital marketing methods can be effectively integrated into a synergistic multichannel marketing strategy that allows both traditional and newer channels to complement each other. Analysis of the main challenges and risks associated with digital marketing methods, in addition to potential solutions and approaches to overcoming them, is provided. Real-world case studies of marketing strategies and campaigns employed by pharma are also included.

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Publisher conducted extensive research in order to provide a comprehensive view of the evolving pharmaceutical marketing landscape. In addition to garnering views from internal experts Publisher conducted an extensive interview with pharmaphorum CEO and founder Paul Tunnah, who is an experienced industry thought leader and advisor with a specialist focus on cross-stakeholder communication, digital/social media engagement and collaborative innovation. Based on the totality of our research, strategic recommendations and guidelines are provided throughout the report for the effective implementation of digital marketing strategies within a coherent overall multichannel marketing strategy.

This new report adds to our unique portfolio of trusted industry analyses that enable our clients to assess the most promising areas in the market and exploit key business opportunities.

Table of contents
Executive Summary
Overview of Marketing Channels Available to Pharma
Drivers of Change in Pharma Marketing Strategy
Evolving Patient and Consumer Market Trends
Evolving Physician Market Trends
Paradigm Shifts in Pharma Sales Force

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Advantages of Digital Strategies versus Traditional Marketing Strategies in Pharma
Evolving Market Access Strategies
Digital and Multichannel Marketing Strategies
Multichannel Marketing
Implementing a Multichannel Marketing Strategy
Implementing Digital into Face-to-Face Detailing
Big Data for Pharma Marketing
Predictive Modeling: Fundamental Source of Big Data’s Power
Using Big Data for Physician Targeting
Using Big Data for Sales Force Allocation
Social Media: Key Opportunities Provided by this Channel
Social Media Marketing: Key Points to Note
Social Media Marketing Case Study
Embracing Video Content for Digital Pharma Marketing
Key Features of Effective Video Marketing
Prepare for Digital Drug Launches
Mobile Marketing: Updating Practices for the Smartphone Era
Pharma Mobile Apps
Closed Loop Marketing as Part of Multichannel Marketing
Medical Science Liaisons as part of Multichannel Marketing
Utilizing Digital Tools to Empower Medical Science Liaisons
Programmatic Advertising in Pharma
Programmatic Advertising: Approaches to Avoid Regulatory Issues
Challenges of Pharma Digital Marketing and Solutions
Social Media Marketing Challenges and Solutions
AstraZeneca Social Media Guidance
Privacy Issues

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