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The treatment market of brain stroke has experienced several shifts in the recent years with increasing volume of endovascular treatments globally. As a result market for aspiration catheters and stent retrievers market is also expected to see future growth. The market for endovascular therapies will see further innovations and growth whereas the market for brain aneurysm is relatively homogeneous, consistent and composed of small coil products.

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Brain Stroke market is one of the most common types of neurovascular disease in which either a clot blocks restricts supply of blood to the brain (ischemic) or blood vessels in the brain rupture (hemorrhagic). The vascular diseases affect normal functioning of the veins and arteries that constitute circulatory system of a human body generally in the form of blockage or rupture. The ruptures are usually headed by the formation of an aneurysm which is an unusual bulge or ballooning in the vessels of blood. They are formed when part of an artery wall weakens permitting the vessel to widen abnormally or balloon. It becomes difficult to predict an aneurysm before it ruptures, leading to existence of several un-ruptured aneurysms.

Increasing diabetic population globally, growing ageing population, increasing obese population, increasing cigarette and tobacco consumption, rising healthcare expenditure, increasing GDP of economies are some of the significant factors driving the growth of brain stroke market. However, growth of the market is hindered by certain challenges including shortcomings in the drug treatment for brain stroke, shortage of stroke specialists in the U.S., and entry threats for small companies in medical device industry. The recent trends include introduction of early detection devices and non-invasive brain stimulations and shift in the treatment model of brain stroke.

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Table of Contents

1. Overview
1.1 Definition of Brain Stroke
1.2 Types of Brain Strokes
1.3 Risk Factors for Brain Stroke
1.3.1 Uncontrollable Factors
1.3.2 Controllable Factors
1.4 Symptoms of Brain Stroke
1.5 Diagnosis of Brain Stroke
1.6 Treatment Options for Brain Stroke
1.6.1 Ischemic Stroke Treatment
1.7 Brain Aneurysms
1.7.1 Types of Aneurysms

2. Global Brain Stroke Market Analysis
Market Value
2.1 Global ELVO Stroke Market
Market Value
Regional Share
2.1.1 Aspiration Catheter Market
2.1.2 Stent Retriever Market
2.2 Global Brain Aneurysm Market
Market Value
Regional Share

3. Regional Markets
3.1. The U.S.
Stroke Prevalence by Type
3.1.1 The U.S. ELVO Stroke Market
ELVO Market Value & Volume
Aspiration Catheter Market Value & Volume
Stent Retriever Market Value & Volume
3.1.2 The U.S. Brain Aneurysm Market
Market Value
Coil Market
3.2. Europe
-Stroke Prevalence
3.2.1 European ELVO Stroke Market
ELVO Market Value & Volume
Aspiration Catheter Market Value & Volume
Stent Retriever Market Value & Volume
3.2.2 European Brain Aneurysm Market
Market Value
3.3 Japan
Aspiration Catheter Market Value
3.3.1 Japanese Brain Aneurysm Market
Market Value

4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.1.1 Increasing Cigarette and Tobacco Consumption
4.1.2 Escalating Diabetic Population Worldwide
4.1.3 Rising Healthcare Expenditure
4.1.4 Increasing Obese Population
4.1.5 Growing Ageing Population
4.1.6 Rising Global GDP
4.2 Key Trends and Developments
4.2.1 Shift in Stroke Treatment Paradigm
4.2.2 Introduction of Early Detection Devices for Stroke
4.2.3 Introduction of Non-Invasive Brain Stimulations
4.3 Challenges
4.3.1 Entry Threats for Small Companies in Medical Device Industry
4.3.2 Shortage of Stroke Specialists in the U.S.
4.3.3 Numerous Shortcomings in tPA Drug Treatment

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