Gillware Offers Deeply Discounted Data Recovery

Gillware Data Recovery Offers Deeply Discounted Pricing for Those Affected by Recent Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Over the past few weeks, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have both made landfall off the coasts of Texas and Florida, respectively, bringing with them more rainfall than Houston has seen in decades and battering the state of Florida from coast to coast. These catastrophes, both bringing “500-year” rain events and massive flooding with them, left vast swaths of devastation in their wake. Hurricane Harvey inundated Houston with unprecedented flooding, while Irma has prompted one of the largest evacuations in US history.

In the aftermath of both hurricanes, residents will return to their affected communities as the floodwaters recede and find ruined homes and battered storefronts. In these trying times, more than just heartfelt sympathy and compassion pours into these waterlogged cities and towns. From domestic and foreign government bodies alike, from non-profit organizations, and from ordinary citizens, people from all over pledge their money, time, hard work, and material resources to the rebuilding process.

In the wake of two devastating hurricanes (with a third, Hurricane Jose, possibly following in Irma’s footsteps), Gillware offers its data recovery services to affected Texans and Floridians at deeply discounted rates, at no upfront cost and with a “no data, no charge” guarantee.

One oft-overlooked example of the kind of cleanup that has to go on to help victims return to some semblance of normalcy is data recovery, and this is an avenue in which Gillware Data Recovery is proud to lend its assistance. Homeowners returning to their once-flooded homes, as well as small business owners returning to their storefronts or offices, return to find computers, external hard disk drives, NAS devices, and servers that have suffered severe damage due to the filthy waters that have submerged them. These devices can contain anything from precious family photos to critical business documents and databases.

Gillware Data Recovery, one of the United States’ top data recovery labs, provides top-notch professional hard drive repair and RAID data recovery services. In the past, Gillware has helped over 100 businesses, and many hundreds of homeowners, recover valuable and priceless files in the weeks after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and the 2016 Louisiana floods. Here and now, Gillware proudly continues its tradition of lending its aid to victims of weather disasters present and future.

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