Gigawatt Energy Co Ltd Brings the Most Sought-After Energy Sources to People at Nominal Rates

With the world turning more energy-hungry by the hour, Gigawatt Solar aims to reduce the space between supply and demand of energy by using solar power to cater to the Vietnamese people's needs.

With the advent of the 21st century, people's ever-increasing need for energy and power rose to its zenith. At such a point of time, Gigawatt Solar has emerged as one of the most reliable companies for harnessing solar power and its transmission to households and enterprises. In more than ten years since its formation, the company has installed more than 12000 solar panels, gathered the trust of around 500 loyal customers, and harnessed over 6 million kWh of solar power over an area of 40 provinces.

Gigawatt Energy Co Ltd has also been successful in making people aware of renewable energy sources like solar power and trump over non-renewable sources. Abundant supplies of source energy, reducing the greenhouse effect, a significant contributor to ozone layer depletion are some of the pointers the company focuses on to make their products more attractive. They also offer to optimize living expenses by cutting down on eighty percent of household electricity bills at very nominal installation costs.

The products the company boasts of are solar inverters to store power for emergencies, solar batteries to power energy-intensive devices at homes and other solar accessories for the efficient harnessing of the source power. They also provide a variety of services like installing and maintaining devices such that users do not have to pay heed to the intricacies under the hood. Willing customers can use either avail of these services online from their website or can directly get a quote from them via the same medium.

At one of the press conferences earlier this year, a company executive spoke to the media, "We, as a company has targeted a perfect area to focus our expertise on. We want to make solar energy more attainable to common people such that we as a world can look forward to a greener planet."

Right from distributing branded solar panels and inverter grids to constructing and installing all of their products, customers can blindly rely on Gigawatt Energy Co Ltd to turn their homes and offices into more environment-friendly spaces. And with the monsoons lurking all year round and a generally hot, tropical climate in Vietnam, the company's dream to make solar power more accessible to people is not far.

About the Company:
Formed in 2010, Gigawatt Solar deals with professional solar power equipment and designs, independent and grid-connected solar power systems for households and enterprises.

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