GG Servers Pass Milestone Of 200,000th Customer For High Quality Minecraft Servers

GG Servers has just successfully helped their 200,000th customer get the very best experience out of their private Minecraft servers, establishing them as one of the industry’s biggest names.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of the last decade, and has achieved this by breaking a lot of conventions. The game is completely open plan, and what people do in the game is limited only by their own imaginations. Likened to a digital version of Lego, the game enables individuals to play alone or in groups to create worlds together. If individuals have their own private server, they can invite select individuals to play with them in their own space. GG Servers provides the best Minecraft server packages available, and has just passed a milestone 200,000th customer.

The milestone is significant for the company as it puts them among the very biggest names in the Minecraft server hosting business. Their success has been so significant because they offer a truly worldwide service, with servers in Montreal, Paris, Chicago, Los Angeles, Kansas, Las Vegas and Prague, ensuring the fastest speeds for the greatest number of players.

The servers can support up to 1,000 players playing in the same space, or create a sandbox for just two players. They also support every popular modification and plugin that has been created by the fervent user-base, allowing people to keep pace with the latest developments.

A spokesperson for GG Servers explained, “We are thrilled to be able to have served more than 200,000 customers since we launched in 2013. Many of that number have come along just in the last year, and as the growth of the Minecraft community seems to be exponential, so is our customer base. We look forward to doubling that figure in half the time by providing industry leading solutions at market beating prices. We are confident that we can make GG Servers the biggest name in Minecraft servers.”

About GG Servers: GGServers is a game server provider that provides Minecraft server hosting and services. The company was founded in 2013 in order to provide server hosting for the original Minecraft game, and has expanded its services in order to support the many plugins and mods developed by the Minecraft community. They are now one of the largest and best recommended providers of Minecraft servers.

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