Get To Know The Hospice Serving Los Angeles: Faith and Hope Hospice Palliative Care

Get To Know The Hospice Serving Los Angeles: Faith and Hope Hospice Palliative Care

Started in 2007 through a family-owned initiative, the Faith and Hope Hospice Palliative Care is an organization that is set on doing everything in its power to assist those who are in need. Whether you need hospice care in Burbank, Los Angeles, or Pasadena, we will do everything to help patients with whatever illness or ailment that hinders them.


One of the biggest priorities that we strive to accomplish is to live up to the expectations that we put forth, especially with the accolades attached to our work. Considering that our licenses and certifications come with a Joint Commission Accreditation for the hospice and palliative care programs and even being licensed by Medi-Cal and medicare. The staff has even helped us earn accolades such as the Certified Thanatologist and Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse accreditations. We will do our utmost to live up to the expectations that these awards granted to us.

Dignity & Education

If you or your loved one require hospice in Los Angeles, we will make it a priority to ensure that you not only receive the respect you deserve but also allow you to make crucial decisions regarding your health on your own. And we ensure that all of our staff understands this by educating them the best way we know how so that they can properly care for you. Our staff's training is so extensive so we specialize in helping in the best way they know how as well as respecting whatever major decision that you would like to take regarding your own health.

Joy & Community

We will do everything in our power to ensure that patients have the chance to enjoy life thanks to assistance from not just the staff but family members and other patients under our care. Whether you want to read new stories, go through family pictures and memories and get volunteers to help people feel at ease, a lot of joy can be gained through our initiatives through the Los Angeles Hospice.

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Organization: Faith and Hope Hospice and Palliative Care

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