Get to know the 18-year-old mastermind behind Nautz, powered by Rebillion NFT

18-year-old mastermind behind Nautz, powered by Rebillion NFT

The frontrunners in the world today, regardless of any niche or industry, are not necessarily characterized by age or tenure. They are unmistakably propelled by the fuel of passion, courage, and hard work. One such wonder is web3 enthusiast and verified artist Farhan Khan, popularly known as @ripfarhan, an 18-year-old multifaceted artist based in Mumbai. This new cool crypto kid on the block, who got into the NFT game just over a year ago, is the creative mastermind behind many successful NFT collections. As a creator as well as an NFT collector, Farhan has managed to garner a lot of attention and admiration for his work while successfully optimizing its value not only nationwide but also internationally.

The driving force for Farhan has been the broad and limitless scope of the digital revolution, which is, by design, extremely empowering for artists. It helps them reclaim their creativity and have indisputable power over every related facet of it in a much stronger sense. Farhan’s much-awaited brand new NFT collection is Nautz, a collection of 5000 uniquely blended NFTs that are created by him using the latest and most efficient smart contract. Based on the avatars in a space-themed virtual game he had initially devised, the NFTs are the astro‘nautz’, which are not just visually distinct but also have inherently different traits and characteristics. Thoughtfully picked and curated out of over 20,000,000 possibilities, Farhan made every effort to make sure the collection was fully original and included only the best.

Nautz is all set to launch very soon on OpenSea, the international NFT marketplace, executed powered by Rebillion NFT, a dynamic web3-based company that aims to not only spearhead the transformation of the web3 world but also to build the one thing that transcends all other constructs- a community- for people of the digital future. It is run by a remarkably passionate team, including co-founder Parikshit Pndya, BDM Mehul Mstry and CTO Abhayrajsinh Gohil. Nautz has been creating a lot of buzz in the web3 space, especially due to its community-centric vision, collaborations with major brands, and upcoming Nautz events all over the country for the web3 community.

Farhan Khan’s Nautz NFT collection is definitely ‘Naut’ just your average NFT project as one of its primary hallmarks is its extraordinary utilities, which the team has ardently designed that are sure to go above and beyond all expectations of its holders. In the true essence of blockchain technology, Rebillion NFT believes in a decentralized approach to collaborate with, guide, and provide resources to new talent in web3, giving all different kinds of artists a platform, just like Farhan Khan. We can’t wait to see what comes next!

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