Gerry Kho Architects Transforming Perth Spaces With Japanese Design Philosophy

Gerry Kho Architects use the Japanese principle of Wabi Sabi to inform their unique and brilliant designs being built throughout Perth, Australia.

Architecture is an intriguing blend of art of science, requiring the principles of physics and engineering but also of ergonomics, composition and lighting. Many approaches have been used famously over the years to create unique spaces, from the Gaudi architecture of Barcelona to the severe Bauhaus of Germany to the gothic Art Nouveau of classic New York. Now, Architects in Perth, Australia are fast creating the centre of a new stylistic movement: the Wabi Sabi style of Gerry Kho Architects, who have designed projects throughout the thriving city.

The company have based their design sensibilities on this Japanese philosophy of design which has given them some of the most beautiful gardens and traditional buildings in the world. Bringing a fresh western perspective to the principles, Gerry Kho Architects use modern design tools to apply the sensibility anew, creating cutting edge, environmentally friendly spaces that feel both modern and classical.

The work done by the company covers community centres, homes, apartments, stores and shopping complexes, being both bespoke and commercial architects. No matter the job at hand, they place their emphasis on the unique blend of natural features and modern functionality.

A spokesperson for Gerry Kho Architects explained, “We have promised to enrich Perth with our work and make it a distinctive, original and inviting city in as many spaces as we can get our hands on. The unique visual and architectural style we employ has enabled us to stand out from the crowd without being at odds with the environment. Rather, we change the energy to feel more like an oasis of organic flow between beauty and function that makes people want to be spend time in our structures- a great advantage for corporate and business clients who want repeat customers. Over the next years many of our designs will come to fruition as plans are now with builders, so it really is just the beginning. Although we are renowned commercial architects in Perth we also welcome work involving luxury and contemporary houses, community buildings, hospitals, and commercial retail interior design.”

About Gerry Kho Arhitects:
Gerry Kho Architects aim to contribute positively to Perth’s built environment as a developing city, to contribute to architecture at a global scale and to continue creating enriching architecture and spaces that make life, work, rest and play meaningful. The architecture is inspired by the Japanese Wabi Sabi principle of beauty in natural imperfection.

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