Genuine Touch Inc. Offers Free Consultations to Salespeople

Genuine Touch Inc. is offering both businesses and individuals the chance to work with one of their business strategists.

According to statistics, nearly half of salespeople don't follow up with a prospect if the initial contact doesn't result in a sale. Even fewer people go beyond a second or third contact. This is in spite of the fact that as many as 80 percent of sales are made between the fifth and twelfth contact.

With this in mind, Genuine Touch, Inc, a sales and marketing supplement company, is offering both businesses and individuals the chance to work with one of their business strategists to come up with ways to use their products to maintain contact with clients and prospects. According to the company's representative, Frank Silk, "One of the reasons salespeople don't follow up with additional contacts as often as they should is a fear of annoying or alienating someone. They know that people are sick of marketing and advertising. We want to show them how they can use our personalized greeting cards to stay in touch in a way that feels both natural and personal. It actually builds goodwill, rather than turning someone off."

According to Silk, "Our company offers tools that can help you use relationship building to get an edge over the competition. You can go elsewhere and get something generic and then stamp your name on the outside, but clients are too savvy to be impressed by that. Our products aren't just the same thing with a different name signed on the inside. We actually allow you to incorporate details like locations and the name of the sender within the design of the card. That's the kind of touch that gets the receiver's attention and makes your effort memorable."

Silk states some clients feel uncertain about how they can take this idea and incorporate it as a part of their marketing plan. To help people better use their products, Genuine Touch Inc. is offering consultations to both develop a plan and now help with the design of a personalized greeting card. "We have a lot of designs that you can use as a starting point, so you can find something that will work even if this kind of design isn't up your alley. You just have to fill in your own preferences and details, and it'll look like the card was designed for you from scratch. If you want something even more customized, though, or you want ideas on how to create a campaign, we're happy to help," explains Silk.

Genuine Touch, Inc. was founded with the goal of helping businesses and individuals to be more successful in their marketing efforts. They believe that people want to buy from companies that they like, and that the key to success is to constantly show appreciation and work to build goodwill. In a world where consumers are constantly being bombarded by impersonal advertising and marketing efforts, they want to help their own clients thrive by helping them to offer a more personal touch.

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