Genesis Cloud Mining release an ecosystem with new mining technology and BGM coin

ecosystem with new mining technology

Genesis Mining is a technology company and the world's leading provider for Bitcoin and altcoin cloud mining. They offer their clients easy access to small, medium, and large mining contracts. Multipool techniques are used to automatically convert altcoins to Bitcoin, which are daily transferred into customer wallets. Mining starts immediately after signing the contract. They are thrilled to open the vast cryptocurrency space to everyone and believe that it poses a unique investment opportunity.
2020 is an important year for their development when they start building and mining BGM coin - Bit Genesis Mining. They want to make BGM become the most favorite and trusted coin, and BGM will be widely used in their exchanges and ecosystems.

on September 15, all documents will be published and they have fixed the value of the BGM coin as 1 USD. On that day, they will release their own crypto wallets and exchanges platform. The airdrop program has also been started with 5 million BGM being used to distribute to the community.

BGM will be used in a blockchain ecosystem that provides trust, safety, security, and efficiency. There will be a payment gateway that facilitates P2P transactions, a notification system for the trading platform, and a crypto wallet. The token is also possible for cross-border payments. The BGM blockchain is a mining platform for the internet using BGM coin. This will provide a service to address the challenges faced on the internet. The result is a scalable blockchain knowledge at a minimum cost to the user. The ecosystem will also have its own digital governance that gives coin holders the right to vote for the public good.

BGM is a crypto project with an incredible processing speed of the transaction. It's a hard fork from Bitcoin Blockchain. Except for inheriting good features of Bitcoin, BGM also owns the processability of the enormous transactions on the platform at the same time. It can process with super fast speed, over 20,000 transactions every second. It has enough foundation to compete with Visa payment which is currently the second-ranking in the world. In 2020, it will be in the first position in the world when it has 50000 transactions every second.

BGM coin will become a potential coin in the future. This is completely possible because BGM is a coin of Genesis Mining which owns the bigging mining factories in the world. BGM creates a clear and smart investment of Smart Contract to help worldwide investors and the financial community know and companion with them. BGM project has been creating various good profits firmly and stably per hour and per day. This is the biggest platform to go longer with the community and provide BGM coin worldwide.

Besides, BGM is a project that owns many strong ecological & diverse systems and attracts investments such as Mining factory, Crypto AI, Trading platform, Crypto wallet, etc. BGM will be a storage channel and increase the safest properties for investors in the future because:

⁃ The Ecological system of the transactional market and inter-floor mining factory.
⁃ It owns storage technology, integrates payment into micro e-chips, helps store FPCC and uses payment technology by one click.
⁃ It increases assets of all investors owning BGM token, which helps investors own most BGM coins through using financial leverage with dual interest rate.
⁃Investors are allowed to deposit and uses the mining system to increase the amount of BGM coin.
⁃ It increases your properties by using financial leverage with a dual interest rate.
⁃ It creates added value in storage and increases your BGM coin

BGM's completely new financial ecosystem is built on the use of blockchains, storing digital information in an immutable, reliable, and decentralized network. As same as cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, it doesn't have a central authority. This technology allows people around the world to participate in a range of financial services, such as payments, loans, loans, investments and manage their asset portfolio with greater autonomy and fewer barriers. Developers can create applications on the blockchain for the purpose of casting, storing, and managing cryptocurrency assets. Smart contracts bind irreversible agreements between two parties without intermediaries, making the entire financial system solid and transparent.

BGM is currently being urgently mined in Genesis Mining factories to ensure the huge development needs in the near future. Don't miss out on the opportunity to mine crypto with Genesis Mining and own this potential BGM coin.


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