Genesage Life Insurance Quotes Launches Web Based Insurance Quotation Engine

New web based insurance quotation engine from Genesage Life Insurance Quotes launches to provide life insurance quotes in seconds.

Statistics from the medical industry depict an annual average of approximately 80 million accidental injuries, the majority of which lead to missed time from work and lost wages. Though they may be unaware of these numbers, research indicates the average family in the United Kingdom only has the financial means to survive for 17 days following such an occurrence without the benefit of income protection insurance. Many who currently hold a job simply do not have time in their schedule to search for affordable income protection coverage policies. In consideration of these numbers, Genesage Life Insurance Quotes is proud to launch its new web based quotation engine for UK income protection and life insurance customers.

Peter Thomas of Genesage Life Insurance Quotes stated, "Modern technology has made it simple for customers to compare insurance quotes online; however, other websites fail to help understand the differences between various plans available to the public. Our expert advisers help our customers procure the best, and most affordable, policy on an individual basis. Advisers through our website obtain information about our customers' budget limitations and specific needs. They also factor in the health, occupation and lifestyle of potential policy holders, as all of these elements can affect premiums and coverage eligibility. By visiting our website,, those seeking an income protection policy can speak with a representative regarding the plans we offer and compare quotes."

Thomas continued, "State benefits are available to those who have been injured and are unable to work, but these benefits are far from adequate to allow most families to maintain their current lifestyle. Our income protection policies fill the gap in situations like these. Those who have been injured and suffer from lost time and income are able to fall back on income protection insurance to cover the cost of food, shelter, utilities, vehicle payments and other bills. We offer both short term and long term policies."

"For members of the population who are 50 and older, we offer specifically tailored life insurance," Thomas went on to say, "Customers falling into this category need only fill out a simple online form at Our quoting engine will do the rest, scanning for the most affordable quotes available. We will send them an email summary of these quotes for their perusal. We require no physical exams or blood tests to qualify for coverage. Though our comprehensive life insurance coverage begins following the second year of taking out a policy, we will provide all premiums paid to beneficiaries in the event of death due to natural causes during the initial two years of coverage."

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Genesage Life Insurance Quotes is an online provider of life, income protection and critical illness insurance. They offer advice from expert advisers, as well as quotes from a number of leading insurance providers, affording their customers plans to meet their unique needs while remaining within their budget.

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