General Contractors Insurance Releases Updated, Improved Quote Gathering System

New system will elevate company's industry-leading service even further, delivering faster quotes for general liability insurance and other products, General Contractors Insurance reports

General Contractors Insurance, a premier provider of liability and other types of insurance for contractors, announced that the company has updated and improved its insurance quoting system. The newly streamlined system will allow General Contractors Insurance to return quotes to prospective clients at an even faster rate than previously, as well as it make it possible for agents to search for policies more precisely tailored to the needs of particular customers. For nearly twenty years, General Contractors Insurance has been one of the nation's leaders in insuring contractors, their employees, and their equipment.

"Here at General Contractors Insurance we are always looking for ways to serve our clients even better," General Contractors Insurance representative John M. Brown stated, "and the new improvements to our insurance quoting system are going to make a big difference in this respect. From this moment on, our customers can expect even faster, better-tailored service than they have received in the past."

Studies by insurer CNA/Schinnerer show that an average of 15 to 21 liability claims are filed in the United States every year for every 100 active contractors and firms across all industries, meaning that dealing with such issues is a fact of life for the average business. Those in the construction industry face even higher rates of lawsuits and claims for damages, as their work inherently involves the kinds of activities that can result in damage to the property of others if even small mistakes are made.

Since 1996, General Contractors Insurance has been an important force for providing contractors in the United States with the protection they need against liability, workers' compensation claims, and damage to or loss of their own equipment. Licensed in all 50 states, General Contractors Insurance has strong relationships with over 20 of the country's most reliable and affordable insurance carriers. General Contractors Insurance draws quotes from a number of these insurers for every client, using the company's advanced technology to find the policy that will make the most financial and business sense for a given situation, as described at

By enhancing that technology further, as has been announced today, General Contractors Insurance will ensure that its service levels become and remain even more impressive into the future. In addition to offering the kinds of general liability policies that protect contractors and their businesses from claims related to property damage and similar issues, General Contractors Insurance also works closely with clients to help them procure the payment and performance bonds that are required for many government jobs. The company also delivers quotes for specialized policies like those covering inland marine work and other situations that would not normally fall under general coverage.

The effects of General Contractors Insurance's newly updated quote-gathering technology will be felt by clients immediately in the form of faster, more effective service. Those interested in any of the company's services may learn more and request free quotes of their own at the General Contractors Insurance website.

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