Gender Diversity in Manufacturing: Women in Leadership Roles in Rotational Molding

Diversity in manufacturing jobs are on the rise as women step into leadership roles in a variety of industries including rotational molding.

According to statistics released by the Manufacturing Institute, women only make up 47% of the U.S. labor force, while only 27% of the employees in manufacturing are women. A growing number of gender related issues in employment continues to be a trending topic in the upcoming elections and fodder for continuing political debates. Plastics News recently published profiles of women leaders in the plastics industry, in a feature titled “Women Breaking The Mold”. The profiles published cover a wide variety of women in leadership positions throughout various plastics related businesses, including Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managers, Directors and others.

Alli Cravens, Sales & Marketing Director at Granger Plastics, an internationally recognized rotomolding company was one of the women featured in the industry publication’s segment. Cravens, whom previously worked in unrelated industries such as women’s designer fashion, jewelry finds herself immersed with marketing opportunities for rotational molding. “My experiences in marketing rotomolded products has made me so aware of the benefits that I often lok at things and think, ‘that would be better if it was rotationally molded.’ When I see new rotomolded products I get very geeky” she exclaims in the Plastics News interview by Bill Bregar.

Alli is a natural at her position. She can often be found on television, whether making an appearance on a reality television show that is being filmed at the plastics manufacturing facility, or with news crews covering the latest tornado outbreak and the sudden influx of families clamoring for near absolute protection in the form of a tornado shelter. She can also be found frequently appearing in marketing or informational videos for the company in effort to spread knowledge and awareness, such as informative tornado shelter videos. She has appeared on a number of news broadcasts including The Weather Channel and reality television, including A&E’s reality show “Shipping Wars”. While television and tornados comprise some of her responsibilities for the company, she also handles sales and service for other proprietary product lines that the plastics company has including a theft deterrent line of memorial products, laundry carts and custom rotationally molded products.

She tries to make her marketing endeavors educational, practical and fun all at the same time. Sometimes at trade shows, Alli will dress her daughter as Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz” in effort to bring light to such a serious subject of tornado safety. “At times, it can help some families realize what they are looking at and help convey the message of tornado safety without being so boring.”

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