Gem Painters Announces House Painting Seminar As Their Latest Public Service Efforts

Company aims to help consumers save money by providing painting industry quotes.

Reports from the construction industry indicate home remodeling rates are picking up steam with an estimated 4 percent annual increase over the next 5 years. With this trend comes an anticipated 3 percent hike in sales of paint and related products annually as well as a correlating 4 percent growth in the demand for painting services. While a number of professional remodeling companies are keeping their eyes on this area of the industry, hoping to benefit from the expected surge, Gem Painters is watching out for consumers.

The company was founded on the premise of providing cost estimates for painting products and services to homeowners throughout Australia with the goal of helping to save money for those in the process of planning remodeling projects. Recognizing the need for additional assistance, Gem Painters expanded into offering advice on related topics. As the latest of their services, company spokesperson Karie Mansol has announced a seminar explaining how to paint a home correctly using their simple 10 step house painting process.

Mansol confirmed, "Many people decide to paint their house on their own as a way to save money on their renovation projects; however, most soon find they are in over their head. Without the right knowledge and tools, undertaking a job of this magnitude could end in disaster. The least of these worries is a less than professional looking end result, but extreme cases have even ended in severe injury. The purpose of our seminar is to help homeowners complete this type of project safely and accurately."

The company's website reveals a number of considerations for home painting projects. In addition to color, the area to be painted must also be taken into account. The type of paint needed is affected by whether the target area is interior or exterior. Traditional paints have advanced a great deal over the last few decades. They now last much longer and are able to cover in fewer coats than their predecessors. New options have also entered the picture.

Interior paints are now available with integral insulating agents to improve a home's energy efficiency. Exterior versions have also been introduced to the market, which form a protective barrier around homes. Both options have been proven to reduce heat and cold transfer, keeping homes cooler while lowering energy bills. Although these cutting-edge varieties are more expensive than their conventional counterparts, they tend to last at least 4 times longer and help to decrease heating and cooling costs by an average of 15 to 25 percent.

Said Mansol, "These modern, energy efficient paints come highly recommended, but they are only as good as their application. Even paint with the highest level of insulating properties will be ineffective if applied to an improperly prepared surface. Whether our viewers decide to watch our seminar to learn how to paint the right way, or they decide to hire professionals to do the job for them, we can help ensure they find the best prices possible."

About Gem Painters:
Gem Painters provides quotes and price estimates for painting products and services throughout Australia. Their website is a forum for house painters and homeowners to meet and discuss potential contracting jobs.

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