GeekTranslator Launches Education Campaign on Gravity of Online Marketing Tactics

Generating organic leads through more subtle methods of advertising is key to online success, publishes

With an estimated 80 percent of the world's population now online, the internet has become a cutthroat environment for companies hoping to outshine their competitors. Projected upward trends in the years to come promise to create an even more tumultuous scenario. As opposed to past methods of vying for consumers' attention, marketing budgets are veering considerably more toward businesses' digital efforts.

In light of these new developments, a spokesperson for GeekTranslator has launched a campaign to educate business owners on the gravity of their digital marketing strategies. "Our industry revolves around generating leads," said a representative of the online marketing consultancy, "but the online public has grown savvy to the stale pop-up ads and obviously biased branding videos. The new key to increasing sales is adding a little more subtlety to today's marketing tactics."

Studies indicate SEO remains vital to a company's lead generation endeavors, yet the factors involved in this element are growing more diverse. Concentration on social media seems to be expanding with increased reliance on the new word-of-mouth portal. With companies on Twitter having a more than 60 percent success rate of converting followers to paying customers, tapping into this growing source of advertising is gaining ground.

Although web traffic alone was once used to measure success in the digital marketing arena, experts now place less emphasis on fruitless website hits and greater priority on solid public interest. Creating strong content and diverting it to blogs and less generic posts than in the past aid in drawing a crowd already partially sold on a product or service to a specific company's web pages. Increased focus on sending automated emails to prospects in various phases of the conversion process serves to sustain their attention and foster their interest.

Concluded the company spokesperson, "The path to increasing a company's customer base has more twists and turns than ever before, and they're going to continue to change along with the mentality of those searching online for what they need. Keeping up with all those evolutions is more difficult than ever, but if a business fails to do so, they're going to be transforming their own leads into sales for the competition. At GeekTranslator, we help our clients avoid the common pitfalls of the online marketing world. Many of the elements may still be the same, but making the most of them lies in the individual technique."

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