Geeks 2 You Offers Low Cost Removal of Latest FBI Virus Across America

Households and businesses are at the risk of damage that computer viruses can cause. Geeks 2 You is a computer repair company offering low cost removal of the FBI virus and other viruses.

The FBI virus is one of the latest scams to sweep America, and this is a scam run by criminals who are simply out to obtain money from consumers and businesses by convincing them that the computer has been locked by the FBI. Users are then advised on screen that they need to pay the FBI to get their system unblocked, and a number of people have already fallen victim to this virus and paid up, putting money directly in the pockets of the criminals. After which, their identity gets stolen.

With computers and devices having become an integral part of most peoples' business and personal lives, it is little wonder that computer viruses and other types of cyber crime are on the rise. Many people each year experience damage, stress, and even fall victim to criminal activity after being hit by a computer virus.

Tucson based computer repair specialist, Geeks 2 You, is now providing a low cost solution to get rid of the FBI virus as well as the variety of other viruses that have been doing the rounds across the United States. Technicians from the company are usually able to remove the virus in just an hour, which means that most people will pay just $49 to get the virus removed rather than being tricked into paying out hundreds of dollars by the scammers.

In addition to computer repair Tucson based Geeks 2 You also deals with the removal of a range of other viruses, which can be potentially harmful to a user's computer as well as to their bank account.

An official from Geeks 2 You said: "The harm and damage that viruses like the FBI virus can result in can be devastating to people. These scams can end up costing people a fortune, which is why it is important for those who fall victim to virus scams to take immediate action. We are a leading Tucson computer repair company, with experience and expertise not only in repairs but also in the fast and efficient removal of viruses. Those hit by the FBI and other viruses in and around the Tucson area can rely on our expert technicians to sort the problem out quickly and cheaply, saving them a lot of hassle, stress, and potentially money."

About Geeks 2 You:
Geeks 2 Youis a full service computer repair service provider based in Tucson, and offers services to both small businesses and individuals in and around the Tucson area. This is an established provider with experienced technicians who have provided excellent levels of service to thousands of satisfied clients.

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