GED Easy and Villa Majella to Support Young Moms’ Education

Villa Majella has been supporting hundreds of women (ages 18 and over), in their decision to carry their babies and to deal with sometimes very challenging situations.

Santa Barbara, CA. Villa Majella is a Maternity Home that has partnered with GED Easy to help moms 18 and over in the Santa Barbara area get a secondary education degree. Together, GED Easy and Villa Majella provide online GED preparation as well as educational assistance for their moms.

Villa Majella in located in Santa Barbara and equips and empowers pregnant women for their future life. Via outreach programs, the foundation helps them through pregnancy care and education, and additionally provides guidance to help them make the choice between parenting their child by themselves or select a lovingly, adoptive home. Villa Majella also provides residential housing for the moms for a 3-6 month post-partum period. The Maternity Home’s Ex. Director is Kelly Kennedy.

Being educationally successful often has a domino-effect, and this will help these moms gain control over their lives again. The free online GED program provided by GED Easy is very supportive and will help parenting mothers in their efforts to earn a GED. The program is unique and features short video lessons as well as GED practice tests that are highly recommended. It additionally teaches the moms a method to become more productive when compared to traditional classroom settings.

GED Easy’s free video instruction allows moms to learn the subject matter at their own pace, which is essential because all these moms have a different educational background. Participants may also take advantage of career assessment during the entire program. This contributes highly to their commitment and stimulates their motivation.
In America there are almost 40 million adults who never finished high school, and at least one in five high school graduates have a very limited level of literacy competencies. On a yearly basis, we see that some three million students quit their high school education prematurely. They will join the almost 7 million adults aged between 16 and 24 who are not participating in any education program nor are engaged in any kind of employment.

People without a secondary education degree (high school diploma or GED) have a far higher chance to lead a life in poverty, and estimates are that they have double the risk to live a life like that. Those without a GED or high school diploma also are more likely to become or stay unemployed, and people with a secondary degree are expected to earn over $8,000 more annually that those who don’t hold a secondary education degree. Expectations are that in 2018, more than 60% of all jobs in the US will require at least some sort of post-secondary education, and this can only be done if you hold a high school or GED diploma.

About Villa Majella
Villa Majella has been supporting hundreds of women (ages 18 and over), in their decision to carry their babies and to deal with sometimes very challenging situations. The Maternity Home is a non-profit and non-denominational organization, which is funded mainly by local organizations, fundraisers, foundations, and individual donations.

About GED Easy
GED Easy offers free GED instruction in the form of video lessons, practice tests and tips. In January 2016, GED Easy launched the GED Challenge, a membership website with free GED lessons and motivation tips that challenges students to earn their GED within a 5-montth period.

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