GECH ecological platform promotes environmental protection industry to realize digital upgrading

With the help of blockchain technology, GECH ecological platform writes environmental protection data into the blockchain, adding new momentum to the development of environmental protection.

At present, it is difficult to break through environmental protection. One of the most important points is the lack of trust mechanism.Blockchain has the technical advantages of decentralization, information can not be tampered with, open and transparent, information traceability, automatic execution of smart contracts and other technical advantages.With the help of blockchain technology, GECH ecological platform writes environmental protection data into the blockchain, adding new momentum to the development of environmental protection.
Blockchain technology + digital industry
1、With the help of blockchain and Internet of things technology, tracking and recording important environmental data can prevent companies and governments from reneging on their environmental commitments or misreporting their progress. Monitoring and collection networks can be established by using blockchain technology to record pollutants in a real and reliable way, so as to reduce the occurrence of fraud and data forgery.
2、Using blockchain to track the "three wastes" and carbon emissions in the production process can avoid data tampering, and determine the amount of emission tax and carbon tax that should be charged.
3、 Using blockchain to establish a fair and efficient trading mechanism of environmental assets in the field of environmental protection to ensure the equivalence of obligations and rights in the field of environmental protection.
4、Through the real and credible data service, we can get through the isolated data island of each department, realize the efficient cooperation of all departments, and provide strong data support for the battle of pollution prevention and control.
5、Recycling projects on the blockchain can encourage public participation, and institutions running recycling programs can choose to provide economic incentives in the form of encrypted tokens in exchange for recyclable items.
GECH integrates digital technologies such as blockchain, Internet of things, cloud computing and other digital technologies to build a highly perceived environmental protection basic environment, realize the timely, interactive and integrated information perception, transmission and processing of pollution sources, water environment, air environment and ecological environment, so as to promote pollution reduction, environmental risk prevention, ecological civilization construction and scientific development of environmental protection Environmental protection concept.
Ramzi Ammari, GECH technology development engineer, said that digital technology helps to excavate the scale advantage of the industry and improve the fine management level of the enterprise itself, and actively adapt to the new requirements of environmental protection. Through the digital environmental protection technology, big data analysis is carried out to monitor the pollution emission of enterprises in real time, so as to extend the monitoring of enterprises from simple pollutant emission monitoring to monitoring of treatment links. Once the abnormality is detected, the system intelligently grasps the "key minority" of pollution emission, uses "pollution source tracking technology" to accurately identify and real-time track various pollution sources, quickly identify pollution source supervision points such as industrial enterprises, dust, motor vehicle emissions, cooking fume, scattered pollution, etc., effectively solve the "last 500 meters" problem of environmental supervision, and achieve accurate law enforcement and high-quality Effective management, constantly urge enterprises to improve the level of environmental management, strictly implement the heavy pollution weather emergency and peak production emission reduction, so as to improve the regional environmental quality.The increase of investment in environmental protection technology will also force the production enterprises to actively adapt to the new requirements of environmental protection, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and constantly enhance the market competitiveness.
In the enterprise management ecosystem, GECH uses the features of blockchain technology, such as traceability, non tampering, data encryption security, etc., to realize the whole process storage of all business information and behavior in the field of environmental protection industry, the capital flow of project investment and the confirmation of rights and interests, and the stage traceability and audit of environmental protection project supervision. It can realize the whole process management, follow-up supervision and effective supervision of all parties involved in the environmental protection ecological network, avoid human factors, reduce the efficiency of work, and the unfair results caused by subjective judgment. At the same time, it can provide environmental protection enterprises with services such as risk control, resource docking, project guidance, and project effect evaluation, project achievement acceptance and certificate storage for environmental protection public welfare organizations, It is helpful to realize the effective joint efforts of all parties involved in the environmental protection ecological network.
In the user management ecosystem, GECH innovatively uses community governance and user incentive mechanism to ensure the smooth operation of the whole system. Community governance and user incentive mechanism are the core components of GECH environmental protection public welfare undertakings, which play an important guiding role in promoting the development of GECH environmental protection public welfare undertakings, and are also an important way to seek welfare for the majority of environmentalists, The principle of regional autonomy is to clarify development goals and formulate reasonable and feasible strategic plans. GECH advocates that only when the power is dispersed and distributed to the major communities, so that the majority of community users can really participate in the construction of GECH environmental public welfare undertakings, GECH can truly achieve development and bring more benefits to all users.
The community economic system is the prerequisite for the efficient operation and sustainable development of the whole community. GECH will activate the interest relationship among various user levels through the new community governance and user incentive mechanism of "green public welfare + token incentive", and form a more value sticky promotion system, so that each role in GECH environmental protection ecology can maximize its own interests, It can maximize the community value, form a joint force to promote the overall progress of GECH environmental protection public welfare undertakings, and finally realize the development and growth of GECH.
With the popularization and application of digital environmental protection, the application value of GECH will also be greatly improved. In addition, GECH innovates advanced destruction mechanism to realize complete decentralization and eliminate human control. It is believed that with the admission and preaching of major enterprises, users and communities, the potential value of GECH will be fully exploited, and the most satisfactory feedback will be given to every preacher.

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