GDS Garage Door Services Launches Campaign to Increase Garage Door Security Awareness

Ensuring Dallas area homeowners are able to determine when they need garage door repair is crucial to keeping our neighborhoods secure, publishes

Nationwide home invasion statistics reveal an estimated 60 percent of thieves gain entry to their target residences through the garage. Despite the size and weight of garage doors, a number of informants indicate the majority of these break-ins take as little as 6 seconds to achieve for experienced criminals. In an effort to increase security awareness among Dallas area homeowners, John Lander of GDS Garage Door Services has launched the company's "Do You Need Garage Service?" campaign.

Said Lander, "Garage doors are the largest and most dangerous moving parts of a home, and there's no doubt resolving Garage Problems In Dallas requires the experience of a professional. Unfortunately, many people don't even realize they need repairs until their homes are invaded by criminals. With our new campaign, we hope to help educate those in our area on detecting issues that could leave their homes susceptible to a break in."

A number of homeowners are unaware that a problem as seemingly harmless as a squeaking garage door could indicate impending failure. Though a door of this magnitude could be expected to emanate an occasional noise while in operation, more noticeable screeching or vibrations could come from worn screws or rusty mechanical components. If not caught and resolved early, even small factors such as these could lead to significant repair needs.

Displaced sensors and improperly installed springs are also commonly faced by homeowners. These potentially leave small gaps at the bottom of the garage door or enough slack to allow the door to be raised with little effort, which thieves will readily use to their own advantage. An adult of average size could enter a home through an opening as narrow as 4 inches; therefore, having this type of issue repaired promptly is crucial. Damaged panels should also be given due consideration as this is far more than a cosmetic concern. These also tend to give intruders ample leeway for entry.

Lander concluded, "People often try to repair their garage doors on their own because they hope to save a little money, but this is not something to be attempted without the right type of training and experience. Homeowners are injured every day by garage doors and their components. Aside from the safety issues, if the repairs are not carried out properly, the home is still vulnerable to thieves. This could also lead to complications with homeowner's insurance claims. What are your options? Call us or contact us online for a free estimate, and let our team of professionals make sure your home is safe."

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