GDS Garage Door Repair Cincinnati Publishes Troubleshooting Info for Garage Doors

Individuals find the troubleshooting tips to be of great help when determining if a technician needs to be called in, reports

GDS Garage Door Repair Cincinnati publishes troubleshooting information for garage doors to assist consumers experiencing problems with their garage door. The information gives the home or business owner the opportunity to fix minor problems quickly without needing to call in a professional. In the event help is needed, Garage Door Repair Cincinnati offers 24 hour emergency service to ensure the problem is rectified without delay.

"One can never be too careful when it comes to Garage Doors Around Cincinnati. The average family opens and closes their garage door three or four times daily, and each incident is a potential hazard. Frequent use may lead to corrosion of parts, thus garage doors need to be maintained and serviced regularly to ensure problems are detected promptly. The Cincinnati Garage Door Experts at GDS Garage Door Repair Cincinnati offer service, maintenance and repairs for all brands of garage doors, so one always has someone to call," James Lane, spokesperson for GDS Garage Door Repair Cincinnati, explains.

According to Central Insurance Companies, 20,000 individuals visit the emergency room each year for injuries relating to garage door use. The majority of these injuries involve lacerations and pinched fingers, yet death by entrapment has been reported. Although all garage doors made after 1992 must include photoelectric sensors to reduce the risk of injury, the sensors may fail. For this reason, one must have their garage door checked regularly.

Garage doors are the largest moving object in the typical residence, and one must remember this. The weight of the door can do a significant amount of damage, especially when a child is involved. GDS Garage Door Repair Cincinnati offers Affordable Garage Door Service For Any Problem so consumers can know they have help when they need it most, Lane continues. Home owners may try the following tips, however, to see if the door may easily be fixed.

If the door tends to stick while opening or closing, lubricating the moving parts may be of help. In addition, one may clean the tracks to see if this helps. At times, the problem lies in the remote control used to open and close the door. When the proper signal isn't reaching the receptor, the door won't operate as designed. If the manual override works correctly, the problem lies in the remote. Springs may be lubricated also, yet this is the only task one should complete when it comes to this part.

Home owners should never attempt to repair or replace the springs on garage doors, as they are under high tension and can easily snap, leading to injury or death. In addition, one should never walk under a garage door when it is moving or place any part of their body near a moving part. Simple steps such as this can help to reduce the risk of injury or death.

"Try these troubleshooting tips to see if if the problem is a minor one. If not, contact GDS Garage Door Repair Cincinnati today to have your garage door inspected. Doing so goes a long way to preventing injuries. In addition, when problems with a garage door are detected early, they often cost less to fix. Homeowners are sure to appreciate this," Lane states.

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GDS Garage Door Repair Cincinnati remains the company to call when one is in need of garage door repair or service at any time. The company provides a range of services and products and offers same day service together with 24 hour emergency repairs to ensure one's garage door is functional at all times. From the simplest repairs to full installations, GDS Garage Door Repair Cincinnati can be of help.

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