GC Capital Funding Reports They Say Yes When Traditional Lenders Say No

Gccapitalfunding.com publishes new tips for those wishing to obtain a business loan.

According to the Intuit Future of Small Business Report-Credit Outlook, businesses who know where to look and how to qualify for a loan find money does remain available to them. Sadly, many businesses assume if they have been turned down by a traditional lender, they cannot obtain the funds needed. With the help of GC Capital Funding (GCCAPITALFUNDING.com), this doesn't have to be the case.

"GC Capital Funding offers a wide variety of loan products for businesses who have been refused funding by traditional lenders. From a merchant advance to a fast business loan, the company works to find the product which is right for each client and their unique needs," Julien Rickard, spokesperson for GC Capital Funding, declares.

Businesses often find GC Capital Funding to be the answer to their funding needs. The company boasts high approval rates, and clients never pay up front fees. Approvals occur 24 hours a day, and clients typically receive their money within a few days, sometimes as little as two business days. All credit scores are considered, with the only exception being start up companies, as GC Capital Funding only works with established enterprises.

As Rickard explains, companies often prefer working with GC Capital Funding as no collateral is needed to pledge on business or personal assets. In addition, many find the flexible repayment terms to be what they need to move their business forward. The company offers loans between $10,000 and $500,000, based on revenues, and the underwriting process is both simple and fast.

GC Capital Funding requires minimal documentation, and loans under $50,000 may be paid the same day. For those loans between $50,000 and $500,000, the funds are typically available in two to three days, providing businesses with the opportunity to move forward with their plans for this funding. Companies find they can expand, pay debts, increase their advertising and marketing, or hire new employees, whether they own an auto service center, run a medical practice, or wish to expand their restaurant.

"When applying for this loan, choose a provider who regularly works within the industry, as this improves the chances of getting the loan approved. Gather the necessary documentation, and review the loan application carefully, as this helps to prevent delays. Simple things such as this can mean the difference between an approval and a rejection. GC Capital turns a no into a yes when one provides the necessary paperwork, which is minimal when compared to traditional lenders, and does so in a much shorter time frame," Rickard proclaims.

About GC Capital Funding:

GC Capital Funding provides business loans across the nation, offering loans for those with bad or poor credit and/or no collateral. In addition, the company offers SBA loans, business and merchant cash advances, and commercial loans, understanding businesses have unique needs and one size doesn't fit all. When one is denied a loan, GC Capital Funding goes into action, in many cases providing the needed funds in a fraction of the time, with a smaller amount of paperwork.

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