Garry McGuire Named Senior Adviser at BlackRock Advisors

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Company Expands its Automotive and Digital Transformation Expertise

Garry McGuire Jr., formerly the Chief Operating Officer of one of the leading providers of digital marketing and advertising solutions to auto dealers, has been named a senior adviser at private consulting firm BlackRock Advisors. BlackRock Advisors, which works primarily with Fortune 500 clients and other private equity companies, hopes that McGuire will expand its industrial enterprise focus, selecting him for the position due to his experience in digital transformation, retail operations, finance, and technology.

As the new team member, having assumed his responsibilities on November 1, McGuire will inspect the company's business operations around the country, visiting corporate locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. Garry McGuire commented in a statement: "New technology is driving change and creating opportunities for growth and value creation throughout business operations. That gives us a chance to rethink traditional industrial applications, such as customer experience, services, and marketing, like never before. Having spent my career working in industries such as automotive, advertising, and technology, I look forward to working with BlackRock Advisors to find new prospects to create change and innovate throughout the industrial and retail sector." BlackRock Advisors operates industry practice areas that include automotive, media and entertainment, fashion and retail, business strategy, and technology. Gavin Patterson, a partner at BlackRock Advisors, described McGuire as "an invaluable addition to our team." Blackrock Advisors is a leading global business transformation consulting firm, helping large enterprises prepare for future growth opportunities. Blackrock Advisors can be found online at

Garry McGuire was named chief operating officer at a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company in September 2017 after holding the position of interim executive vice-president responsible for marketing, product, and innovation. Under McGuire, the company executed a number of digital retailing initiatives that included direct car purchasing, programmatic advertising technologies for leading car dealers, and innovative business intelligence tools for mining customer data and vehicle owner history. He has held senior executive positions at several technology companies, among them Icon Internet Ventures and RMG Networks, serving at both as president and CEO. As an experienced strategic planner and digital transformation leader, Garry McGuire is dedicated to helping public and private companies deal with the challenges posed by disruptive technologies and continue to grow profitably.

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