Garrett Bratton Shows Investing in Himself Can Lead to a Successful Career Helping Others

The story of Garett Bratton’s life is proof that caring about others and getting to know their needs can be good for both him and the people he meets.

Garrett was always trying to find a way to solve simple problems and created a knack for himself. Growing up in a small town of only 7,000 people left him hoping and dreaming for a much bigger, grander life for himself and his family. Instead of spending four more years behind a desk, the moment he graduated high school, he opted to invest in himself instead. After several highly successful investments, he created a company that provides growth opportunities to people in any industry around the world. His passion for business and expertise in marketing are backed by certifications acquired through courses from top marketers around the world that challenged him to develop himself and love what he does.

Bratton's company, Deluxe Digital, helps individuals and businesses develop and grow professional brands. The goal is to increase the revenue of companies by anywhere from 10-20% within 90 to 120 days. This is done by implementing different successful marketing techniques that stimulate a company's growth by helping professionals a company grow, plus also by helping professionals monetize their skills through the creation and sales of courses to share those skills with others. His specialization is the creation and application of advanced strategies to enable businesses within the $500,000 to 150M range annually push forward until they reach their financial pinnacle.

The part of the business that @brattongarrett likes most is seeing the smile on his satisfied clients' faces, that shows that he provided great results to push through and realize that people needed what he offered. He says the key to his success has been consistency. He has a regular routine each day, and always tells his clients the same three tips for success. First, have integrity in everything you do. Second, set daily habits that push towards success. Third, accept the lessons that come from failure as opportunities to grow.

About Garrett Bratton: Garrett Bratton played sports during his youth and always loved connecting with others. His heart is what drives him to get to know as many people as possible, and it is also what helps him strive to help those people find as much success as possible. Seeing people while growing up who had more extravagant lifestyles than his own pushed Garrett to do whatever it took to find those levels of success, too.

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