Gargiz Studio Launches Short Duration High Impact Video Service Online

Gargiz Studio launches the first online service to custom make short duration high impact video for addressing the growing demand of micro businesses, small businesses and end consumers alike. Creating high impact video greeting cards, product advertisements with a difference now possible.

Gargiz Studio has launched an online service to custom make short duration high impact video to address this. There have been various service offerings of video on the Internet before. But, none of them address the short duration high impact segment the way Gargiz Studio does. For this Christmas and New Year they are offering massive discount of 75%.

Gargiz Studio expects that this launch would cater for the growing demand in the following market segments:

• Sending greeting cards that is fast losing sheen. For example, including audio with effects and cool animation along with the greetings to make it effective.

• Advertising online products to capture the Internet market growing explosively. For example, highlighting the most unique feature of the product in a way to induce virtual proximity and hence higher impact.

• Sending online invitations with animated address maps for event. This could be effectively used for personal and public events. For example, can be used to make public events hugely popular by advertising the event online.

• Creating video resumes to impress prospective employers or advertising oneself online in tune with the trends. For example, presenting one’s skills or one special achievements in a way otherwise impossible.

• Recording special moments of ones life to remember at a later date. This is particularly to target the specific moments within the whole event lasting hours or even days. For example, capturing the ring exchange ceremony with some special effects rather than the whole wedding ceremony.

Gargiz Studio has put together a whole gamut of tools to abstract the customer from the complexities of video production. Video production can be a complex activity involving various video and audio formats, special effects, speed of action, large file sizes, etc. Gargiz Studio has innovatively addressed all this issues without compromising on the quality of the video produced. Even an absolute novice in video production can effectively use this service to create professional videos. Micro and small business owners and the end consumers would most likely benefit from this launch.

Some of Gargiz Studio’s work samples are on display on their website. They are constantly adding more samples for the examination of the potential customers.

Innovative approach of Gargiz Studio is also reflected in their product offerings. They have kept the number of products to the minimum to avoid confusion while catering to the needs of the full customer community. Pricing of the products puts it within easy reach of target groups.

About Gargiz Studio Video Maker
Gargiz Studio Video Maker is operated from Melbourne and is the first online video service launched to address the short duration high impact video market.

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