Garage Door Repair Agent Announces New Tucson, AZ Location

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Tucson, AZ location will allow company to better service local residents, reports Garage Door Repair Agent.

Garage Door Agent, a specialist in Garage Doors and garage door repair, has announced the expansion of its operations to the Tucson, AZ, area. This will allow the company to provide faster service to the people in the area.

"Garage doors aren't run-of-the-mill items," said Max Morell of Garage Door Agent in Tucson. "There's a huge variety of types to choose from, and each kind has benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, it's good for us to be closer to our customers so that we can show them the possible choices and explain everything in detail."

Two things often govern the choice of a garage door. One is appearance, and the other is security. For traditional homes, wood-look doors are often preferred. Doors that are actually made of wood, however, are rare. Usually they are made of vinyl or steel and simply textured to look like wood. Steel imitates the appearance the best because it is painted. Vinyl has its color impregnated into it, which makes it very low-maintenance, but also makes it obviously not wood when seen up close.

"Security is an important factor in many areas, and not just the ones that would commonly be expected. People in well-to-do neighborhoods are expected to have things worth stealing, so they sometimes need more security than those who live in less affluent areas," Morell noted. "For security, nothing beats a steel door. If someone takes a sledgehammer to it, it may bend, but it won't shatter and allow entrance. Of course, a security door also needs to have a special track so that it can't simply be bumped off of its rails and out of the way. Our security doors have all of the required manufacturing elements to make them extremely hard to get into without the key."

Garage Door Openers are also important for both convenience and security. Modern openers are set up so that each remote control will only work with one machine. This makes them far more secure than the early ones, where one opener could often operate hundreds of doors.

"We offer new garage doors and openers of many kinds, as well as repair service for all doors and equipment. We're eager to bring our services to Tucson so that residents will be able to exercise all of their options when choosing to get a new door or have an old one fixed," Morell said.

About Garage Door Repair Agent

Garage Door Repair Agent of Tucson was started after Max Morell tired of sitting at a desk all day for a computer programming job. He moved to garage door repair because it allowed him to meet people, be outside, and work with his hands. When it was time for him to advance, he opened Garage Door Agent in Tucson to allow him to use all of his skills and expand his ability to serve customers.

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Name: Max Morell
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