Promises Up to the Minute Video Gaming News and Reviews Promises Up-to-the-Minute Video Gaming News and Reviews for gaming systems and PCs. features the latest video gaming news and reviews including the latest trailers and new releases. Most gamers can’t want to hear the most up-to-the-minute news about their favorite franchises and brand new products coming to the market. The website seeks to meet that need and more offering fresh, trending takes on the latest news for gaming systems and PCs. In addition, the website delivers news about the gaming industry at large as well as insights into the newest system upgrades. offers followers of the site expert review, as well as sneak-peaks of trailers and trending and often offbeat stories. From the latest review of Call of Duty’s Infinite Warfare to Rise of the Tomb Raider to Mafia III and so much more, they shows actual gameplay as well as offering graphics reviews and touting action levels, maps and play modes.

In addition, offers cutting-edge insights into gaming news. With feature stories like the offbeat “This father hired gamers to ‘kill’ son in online games,” the unusual including “How Gaming is Making You a Better Person,” and the helpful “12 Reasons to Let Your Employees Play Games” – the website promises something for everyone from the unconventional to the slightly off center in news, to rock solid reviews.

“Choosing your next favorite video game can be a challenge, but with the help of, they can see previews, trailers, and reviews of the latest releases before they buy, ensuring satisfaction without disappointment. No more spending for a highly touted game or accessory only to find it is not for you. The reviews put gamers in control!” –

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