Game Development and Blockchain Integration Will Boost Cryptocurrency's Worldwide Expansion

Game development, led by blockchain solutions like GameCredits, can boost the adoption rate of cryptocurrency worldwide, asserts. GameCredits payment gateway is now successfully tested in the Free MMO FRAGORIA by hundreds of players.

A revolution in game development occurred December 7th when global game developer Datcroft, launched GameCredits’ blockchain payment gateway in their title game Fragoria. GameCredits payment gateway offers the first cryptocurrency payment solution designed for the gaming industry. GameCredits payment gateway is LIVE within popular RPG Fragoria. After barely 2 weeks of release, thousands of players are already trying the system within the 8 million player game. Unlike other blockchain gaming products, this pioneering blockchain solution was founded by gaming industry experts. Gamecredits, as featured in a recent Forbes article , will help to widespread cryptocurrency around the world.

Game developers who seek fast payment processing, increased security, higher consumer deposit limits, and decreased fees can now take advantage of the open source platform provided by Datcroft and GameCredits. This payment system allows any user to access the GameCredits blockchain web wallet directly from their game store. Datcroft introduced this system to the 8 million registered users of the RPG Fragoria, where players can now choose to purchase in-game items or currency with GameCredits, “GAME”. Gamers who choose to pay with “GAME” will reap the benefits of increasing currency value, transferability, anonymity, and increased security. By using Gamecredits, video games can establish rich economic ecosystems using a tangible digital asset.

Partnering with Gamecredits, Datcroft is paving the way for the future of gaming. A future where video games are based on a digital currency, opening the doors for currency transfer and new marketplaces. Ultimately, this means more revenue in the pockets of developers and more opportunities for gamers.

To take advantage of this payment gateway, developers will be able to access GameCredits open source API (Application Program Interface). After access to the program, developers can quickly add gamecredits as a means of payment within their games. This payment system will instantly reduce transaction costs and fees thereby attracting more game development experts over time.

Datcroft Games and GameCredits are excited to unveil this platform to the game development community. The payment system is specifically tested to meet the needs of players in successful games such as Fragoria. Sergey Sholom CEO of Datcroft Games explains, “This is the first gaming centered cryptocurrency designed by game developers for game developers. For a blockchain integration such as this to be successful, you must have a team with a background in game development. Only then can you bring a proprietary product like GameCredits to the marketplace and have it succeed”. By joining forces, Datcroft' and GameCredits provide the necessary gaming expertise to significantly impact the gaming world.

The two companies have a working plan for the future of GameCredits. First, they will continue to test the payment solution within Fragoria, working out any design issues and minor bugs. Second, they will integrate the gateway into another successful Datcroft game, Get the Gun, allowing them to further test the solution and work out kinks that could occur in a different game format. Third, credit card and Paypal payment options will be added to the gateway so gamers can purchase GameCredits without having to first buy Bitcoin. Finally, the companies will roll out announcements for mobile gaming solutions.

With over 13 years of experience in game development, Datcroft Games strives to provide innovative and unique gaming experiences. Their dedication to these goals will further bolster GameCredits capabilities as the companies revolutionize the world of blockchain gaming.

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