Gallbladder Surgery Goes High Tech in Dallas With Robots

Getting surgery using the latest robotic equipment is at the highest demand right now and this is why a Gallbladder surgical company in Dallas has made the first move.

Cholesterol is a major concern for physicians who are watching patients. This can be a very serious problem with even more serious complications. One such complication are gall stones.

Formed from cholesterol, gall stones originate in the gall bladder. Some stones are passed through the ducts, but others become lodged and require surgery.
Symptoms include clay-colored stools, pain in the abdomen. Surgical intervention is often required.

Surgery has made long strides in recent years, and the highly invasive procedures common many years ago are now replaced with laparoscopic procedures. These minimally invasive procedures yield faster recovery, small scars and a quick exit from the hospital.

If that were not enough, there is something else even better.
The Robotic Surgical Institute of Houston, Texas, has found 90 percent of patients are eligible for the da Vinci® gall bladder surgeryremoval procedure.

“The da Vinci® gall bladder removal procedure, cholecystectomy, is a single incision done in the offices – not at the hospital,” said Vicki Smith of the Institute.

Recommendations for the procedure need to come from a qualified physician. Always speak to a primary care physician to be sure. Referrals can be made from that point.

“The staff will make a complete physical including history before making a final decision. If surgery is necessary, the process will start,” said Smith.

If anyone who have any questions about their procedures or would like to learn more about their services, visit their website at Robotic Surgery Dallas.

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