g9tro Crowdfunding Platform Launches Self-Sustainable Affordable Blockchain Homes

Go9TRO Global Inc.’s & VX HAUS LLC. partners with VX Technologies to launch a new self-sustaining affordable building venture

VX HAUS LLC, a Wyoming company owned by Go9tro Global Inc., is set to launch a new self-sustaining affordable building venture in partnership with VX Technologies in Ontario CA. The goal of the project is to tackle the problem of home deficiency by building 576 SQ FT homes as a solution to the problem of affordable housing and off-grid living, with many homes used as granny flats in yards with approved codes.

The problem of homelessness has continued to plague countries in different parts of the world. In a related development, there has been an increasing call for greener energy solutions. Self-sufficient homes, otherwise known as autonomous homes, have been described as the ultimate in green living dwellings, as they are built to be self-reliant, providing heating, cooling, electricity, and other utilities by themselves. Such homes are often configured depending on the climate, location, and the needs and desires of the homeowner, taking household waste, yard debris, leaves, grass, wood, and turning them into a fuel source that fuels the Vx generators to provide electricity to the home. G9tro is consequently looking to bring this initiative to more people across the United States with VX Haus. All homes include income generating software earning up to $600 a month to the home owner in Bitcoin.

The project is designed to provide a green affordable solution for housing from over 3000 retail big box home supply chains in the USA, with agents offering the world’s simplest self-sustaining affordable housing technology solution. The project is funded by g9tro Crowdfunding Platform which a publicly traded token on several exchanges including Coinmarketcap.com.

One of the major benefits of the VX Haus project is living off the grid, with the solar-fueled VX Smart Home Micro Power Station offering clean, stable electricity, internet, TV, home phone, home security with a bank account, and online banking services to any location around the world. The concept is not particularly new, as Home Power Magazine recently reported that at least 180,000 families are living off the grid in the United States.

VX Haus also brings clean and economical electricity closer to the people, with the hybridization concept combining different energy sources (solar, wind, waterpower, hydrogen, etc.) to offer an autonomous, economical, and environmentally friendly solution. The VSP generator is designed to maximize the optimization of power generation systems, leading to the fall in the cost of photovoltaic systems as well as the optimization of storage systems. VX Haus is scheduled to a publicly traded company in the 4th Quarter of 2021.

For more information about VXVX HAUS LLC. and how to be a part of the blockchain-driven housing solution, visit - www.vxhaus.io.

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