FutureSoBright.com Publishes Up and Coming Mercury Retrograde Dates

Astrology website FutureSoBright.com has recently published up and coming Mercury retrograde dates, enabling website visitors to determine the best time to plan and make improvements to their lives.

The astrology based website, FutureSoBright.com, has recently published forthcoming Mercury retrograde dates on its website. The dates will enable those whose birth horoscopes fall within those periods to determine the best time to plan, reflect upon, and improve their lives.


Retrograde when it comes to the motion of planets is where the planets appear to move backwards. Mercury is one of the vital planets in terms of predictions in astrology, and when Mercury goes into retrograde motion this is thought to be a time when the areas controlled by the planet enter a period of stagnant behavior. It is during these periods that those whose birth horoscopes fall within the period can benefit from taking time out to reflect upon their lives, make improvements, and work on their communication skills. This is because this period is thought to be one that can increase perceptivity and clairvoyance. FutureSoBright.com provides detailed information about this subject on its website at http://www.futuresobright.com/article/320-mercury-retrograde-definition/

Over the course of 2013, Mercury retrograde is set to occur three times in total, with the next date due in Cancer between June 26th and July 20th. Following that, the final Mercury retrograde is set to take place between October 21st and November 10th 2013.

FutureSoBright.com also offers detailed information about the effects of Mercury in retrograde and how different areas of an individual's life can be affected. Communications, business, literature, and travel are amongst the areas that tend to be affected and are therefore the areas that can experience a slowdown in an individual's life. A person's personality can be affected when their birth horoscope falls within a period of Mercury retrograde, as illustrated at http://www.futuresobright.com/article/321-mercury-retrograde-good-and-bad-effects/

In addition to publishing up and coming dates for Mercury Retrograde, FutureSoBright.com also provides a range of other information relating to this planet. This includes information that makes understanding Mercury retrograde in different signs easier for those who want to make the most of their time during this period of motion – this information can be found at http://www.futuresobright.com/article/322-mercury-retrograde-in-signs/

Binod Singh from FutureSoBright.com said: "Our website provides a wealth of information relating to astrology and tarot. We offer indepth articles relating to Mercury retrograde and how it affects individuals. Our website visitors can learn about Mercury retrograde dates over the next three years."

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