Future is Smart DeFi - GO GREEN GLOBAL $GGG Launching on Feg Exchange

Defi is full of rugpulls and scams. Now Don't worry SmartDefi is the solution to eliminate frauds and to protect investors. We proud to say Go Green Gloabl ($GGG) launching as SmartDefi on Feg Eco system.Join our TG to know more about it.

Go Green Global is the new smart DeFi project, a.k.a. Cryptocurrency, going to launch on the FEG exchange. It envisions to be the best smart DeFi platform across all exchanges. Furthermore, it brings together technology and environment in one context such that every time someone buys a $GGG, they can gift a plant.

This idea comes from the core philosophy of going green and how our planet needs to create a better environment. The first step towards this would be by planting trees and compensating for the lack of them.

With regards to the tokenomics of the crypto asset, the project keeps it relatively simple. Here’s all you need to know about it:

● There will be a max supply of 777GGG.
● 444GGG will be allocated to the pre-sale.
● 111GGG will be allocated to liquidity.
● 66GGG will be assigned to the Team with an option to buy back the assets.
● 99GGG will be allotted for marketing and burning.
● And finally, 55GG will be allocated for building partnerships with other companies.

During the pre-sale, the 1GGG will have a value of 0.7BNB, and people can buy GGG using the Binance Coin.

The partnership with FEG exchange is vital since it will solve rug pulls, honeypot, lack of liquidity, and other issues for GGG. Thus, GGG will pave its way to becoming the best smart DeFi project.

The roadmap of Go Green Global is currently segmented into three primary phases. They are as follows:

● Phase 1 involves a stealth launch of the website, the launch of the crypto-asset on the FEG exchange. Furthermore, a marketing team will be onboarded to begin brand promotions for the project.
● Phase 2 will involve GGG reaching 1000 holders, with a market cap of 3M+. Besides this, the digital currency will also be enlisted on prominent platforms such as Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. Along with this, development on the crypto lancer project will begin. An influencer marketing hub, and advertisements on billboards and hoardings, will be set up on the marketing front.
● Phase 3 will involve GGG reaching 3000 holders, with a market cap of 9M+. Beyond this, the Go Green Global project will begin working on its own NFT marketplace, collection, and blockchain game concept.

GGG will have four significant services on its platform: Crypto Lancer Project, GGG Blockchain Gaming, GGG NFT Marketplace, and the GGG Smart DeFi Advertising. The Crypto Lancer Project will be a space for developers and experts such as Shiller. Furthermore, one can indulge in the gaming experience with a mere 0.1$GGG and play and earn from the game. Besides these, the Smart DeFi Advertising platform will support projects in the making.

Overall, the Go Green Global smart DeFi project aims to be a comprehensive ecosystem that blends in the most predominant niches of blockchain, such as cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain gaming.

Website: https://www.gggstar.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GGGSmartDefi?t=6enoJaC6SFfYeyzmrrfw7A&s=09
Telegram: t.me/gggofficialinfo

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Website: https://gggstar.com/

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